Desktop Class App APIs

Vineet Maheshwari

Boy is there a lot to say about Apple tacitly admitting the iPad was not “desktop class” up till now.

The difference was folder size views! It’s all good now!

Game Center updates.

Reference color mode coming to iPad for photo and video workflows.

SharePlay invitations for Game Center.

A new display scaling setting that allows you to increase the display density to see more apps. Only for M1 iPads.

Love that, not an hour ago, Apple was telling us how much better the M2 is, and now Craig is touting the M1 again. 

iPadOS 16 allows for virtual memory swap that allows apps to address up to 16GB of memory.

Stage Manager window management coming to iPad, along with full external display support.

I got really excited at that build-up, thinking we were getting full free-form multitasking. And, instead, we get Stage Manager, which I will call “App Piles” forever and ever. I am disappointed.

Windows can now be resized, slid off to the left. Can have overlapping windows.

We are getting a demo of windows being moved around a desktop in 2022

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