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Our Apple geeks are working 24/7 hard to give the most recent news and update about Apple gadgets and make your life easier. ConsideringApple’s mission is to provide premium publishing server to every Apple users by driving current media to become an excellent industry leader.

Meet The Team

Meet Vineet Maheshwari:

At the helm of Considering Apple is Vineet Maheshwari, a seasoned blogger and a relationship-focused digital marketing consultant with an impressive decade-long journey in the realms of SEO, PPC management, web analytics, domain investing, affiliate marketing, and digital strategy.

With over 10 years of hands-on experience, Vineet has been the driving force behind high-tech brands’ engaging connections with their customers.

Meet Devendra
Devendra, a dedicated full-time writer at Considering Apple, is captivated by the ever-evolving tech world. Beyond his passion for technology, he finds solace in the world of literature, delving into novels and crafting poems.

Devendra’s love for the latest in tech fuels his role at Considering Apple. He’s committed to bringing you insights into the newest developments and innovations.

Meet Govind
Govind, a tech enthusiast at heart, immersed himself in the world of technology in 2015. Since then, he’s been sharing his insights on various tech domains, including mobiles, PCs, games, and other gadgets. He is a senior writer at

Being in love with the tech world, Govind’s expertise lies in delivering comprehensive coverage on the latest advancements in the realm of technology.

Meet Gustavo
Gustavo, our esteemed writer at, brings a wealth of knowledge about the online world, particularly in the realm of digital marketing. His passion lies in sharing insightful ideas with our visitors, creating a dynamic exchange of information.

With a robust understanding of the online landscape, Gustavo navigates the intricacies of digital marketing, offering valuable perspectives to our audience.

Meet Betty
A journey that began in journalism led her to become a stellar content writer at With a knack for staying in trend, she dedicates herself to curating and crafting compelling content on the latest iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple-related for our website.

Her roots in journalism shine through as she brings a unique and insightful perspective to the tech world. Every piece she creates reflects her commitment to quality and relevance.

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