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How To Shift iOS 16 Notifications From Bottom to Top Display As List

iOS 16 Notifications From Bottom to Top

iOS 16 is full of customization and improvements. While most users love the new lock screen customization feature, many are disappointed with the newly redesigned notification at the screen’s bottom. So, most want to get back iOS 15’s notification feature to show them in the list count stack.

Even when I installed iOS 16 update on my iPhone, I noticed notifications moving to the bottom of the screen by default. Hence, I looked for a way to show iOS 16 Notifications at top as a display list. There is no hidden setting or trick to show or disable push notifications on iOS 16. See a list of notifications on iOS 16 lock screen is straightforward. Let’s check out the steps to do it now without further ado.

How To Show iOS 16 Notifications Display As On Top List

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Notifications.
  3. Select “List” from the Display As section.

While selecting Notification List under the Display As section, you will also see two other options, Count and Stack. When you choose Count, you will see total notification numbers at the bottom of the screen. And the Stack Notifications option iOS 16 will show every notification as a stack.

The last iOS 16’s List Notification will get you the old notifications settings to show the list on an iPhone’s lock screen like iOS 15. However, you can get the notification in the list from the Stack when you softly pinch and swipe up the stack notifications.

Can I Get iOS 15 Notification List Style On iPhone Lock Screen on IOS 16?

Once you go to the Notification section under the Settings app and select List from the Display As section, you can get old iOS 15 notifications on iOS 16 lock screen iPhone.

Did you enjoy the guide? Did it help to set iOS 16’s Notification list on the lock screen of the iPhone? Which other iOS 16 tips or help do you need? Don’t hesitate to ask through the comment box.

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