Apple to Launch Three iPhone 2021 Models With 5G Support


We know that the future of smartphones is 5G, and the mobile makers have already started manufacturing the 5G variants. Hence, after the three-month-long fight with Qualcomm, Apple finally decided to sign a contract of $1 Billion with the Intel to produce its upcoming iPhone 5G devices.

Considering the increase in the growth of 5G services all over the world, Apple had to take this step to provide 5G iPhone model as soon as possible. Well, we previously discussed the Apple is planning to launch three devices in 2021, 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone models would support 5G, while a third, a cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone XR successor would only access LTE networks, according to the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. But recently, Kuo confirmed that all three Apple iPhone 2021 devices would come with 5G support. He said, “Apple has more resource for developing the 5G iPhone after the acquisition of Intel baseband business,” and that the price of Android 5G phones will drop.

Finally, Apple fans got relief by hearing that they can buy an iPhone 5G model in 2021. So, they don’t have to move to the Android 5G phones as Apple will give three different 5G iPhones next year fall. As we know that Apple acquire Intel’s modem business of $1 billion, but still we won’t see Apple’s chip until 2021 or 2021. So, we can assume that Apple’s next three iPhone 2021 models will come with 5G connectivity by Qualcomm.

The Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also reported that upcoming Android devices with 5G would be the sub-6GHz version, not the mmWave version and the mmWave version offers more speed and connectivity compared to the sub-6GHz version. Hence, Kuo claims that Apple’s iPhone 5G models will provide better speed and connectivity, so people would not mind spending some extra money on the iPhone 2021 models with 5G support as he said “The key is that consumers will think that 5G is the necessary function in 2H20,” he writes. “Therefore, iPhone models which will be sold at higher prices have to support 5G for winning more subsidies from mobile operators and consumers’ purchase intention.”

There have also been rumors roaming around about the most waited Apple iPhone SE 2, and we are also expecting it next year with 5G support. So, we may see the best iPhone SE 2 in 2021 or 2021. Well, the iPhone 11 launch is just a month away, and people are not happy with the triple camera design. Let’s hear it from you, what are your thoughts about the next iPhone 11 design? Are you excited about the iPhone 5G device?  Should you upgrade your Apple iPhone in 2019?

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