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Why Apple Is Still the King of Gaming

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Apple is undoubtedly one of the leading horses in the mobile gaming race. By creating sophisticated smartphones accompanied by a large Apple Store full of mobile gaming options, the brand automatically launches itself into the gaming stratosphere. Some mobile games may have wandered over to Android devices over the past years, but we expect some of them to come running back with their tail between their legs after the launch of the new iPhone 13.

The new iPhone 13

Apple is in the midst of launching the new iPhone 13 and accompanying iPhone 13 mini. This new device will build on many of the capabilities of older models with an updated camera, more vibrant colours and graphics, a quicker A15 chip and, as expected – 5G compatibility. These specs will be welcome news to anyone considering a new Apple phone in the near future, but they will be especially impressive to those who enjoy mobile gaming, whether that be app games, internet games or even mobile casino games.

The A15 Chip

The A15 chip encompasses a four-core GPU, which is just one fewer than what you find in the Apple 13 Pro and Pro Max devices. Therefore, the standard 13 models will provide graphics at a faster rate of around 15%, while the pro model will increase graphic speed by as much as 50% in comparison to iPhone 12 devices. For gamers, this means a smoother gaming experience and the ability for developers to create more detailed and sophisticated games without the worry that they will perform slowly on these smartphones.

5G connectivity

The Apple iPhone 13 will utilise two types of 5G connectivity, one for urbanised areas and one that performs betting in areas with fewer “obstacles” like trees and buildings. This will increase the download speeds of games and will be especially useful for gamers who like to stream gaming content from sites like Twitch. The visual quality of these gaming streams will be second-to-none with a much-reduced chance of lags and connection issues. Of course, this will also come in useful for your Netflix binges.


All iPhone 13 models are equipped with an OLED Super Retina XDR Display. In real talk, this means the brighter colours appear brighter, and blacks will appear blacker than before. A True Tone feature has also been included to make prolonged use of the device less straining on the eyes. This will be a plus point for those who like to mobile games for long periods rather than just short commutes.

The best Apple games right now

If you need a new Apple iPhone game to play in 2021, here are some of the most popular downloads right now:

·     Baba is You

·     Kingdom Two Crowns

·     Maze Machina

·     Starbeard

·     Euclidean Skies

Check these out if you’re seeking a new mobile gaming challenge!

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