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Apple Inc. continues to evolve as it seeks to increase its market share in the lucrative gaming industry. Although it doesn’t produce its own gaming software or hardware, the iOS App Store has significantly increased the company’s earnings. 

A CFRA Research industry analyst, Angelo Zino, suggested that games accounted for 70% of the App Store’s revenue. In just 2022, Data.AI research indicated that of the $83.1 billion that customers spent on iOS apps, $49.3 billion was spent on games. 

Martin Yang, Oppenheimer senior analyst of emerging technologies and services, added that the company would make more gains as it can now run hardcore games. He also added that if the company could run the games natively, it may attract more audiences who were willing to buy the game twice.  

With Windows taking the lead in gaming, Apple has continued to include more efficient Apple Silicon chips to appeal to more players. Advancements like its 2023 Porting Toolkit are set to increase the company’s competitiveness.

As technology continues to shape the gaming industry, we see more games with advancements that need improved devices to enhance gameplay. In online slots, for example, games like Double Bubble have advanced graphics that only load well on advanced devices.

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If you are wondering where to get started with the best Apple gaming setup, the following factors may be helpful:

  • RAM
  • Storage
  • SSD
  • GPU
  • CPU

Apple MacBook Pro 16

With extended battery life and strong speakers, MacBook Pro 16 offers gamers the right environment for their experience. This setup also has excellent wired and wireless connectivity with a 16-inch Mini-LED that has optimal refresh rates of up to 120Hz. 

Its performance is enhanced by the M2 Pro, which has 12 CPU cores and 19 GPU cores. The M2 Pro can also be upgraded to an M2 Max with 38 GPU cores. 

Though the full-fat Pro 16 has functionalities similar to those of midrange Mac Studio, its superior cooling allows seamless longer gameplays. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of an excellent MacBook Pro 16, you may have to spend approximately $1,100 compared to the Mac Pro. 

A Pro 14 will mostly do if you travel a lot and need a smaller machine. However, you may have to forego the cooling benefits of Pro 16, as Pro 14 has a small internal cooling room. 

Apple Mac Studio

Mac Studio’s performance is boosted by its M2 Ultra, which has 60 GPU cores, 64GB RAM, and a storage capacity of 1 TB. A least expensive Mac Studio with M2 Max instead of the M2 Ultra might still be a good choice. 

With the original CPU at 12-core and 30-core, the M2 Max allows gamers to upgrade to a 38-core for even better gaming experiences. Users with basic 32 GB devices can upgrade the standard SSD to a 1TB drive for faster speeds. 

Mac Studio thus boasts great potential for CPU and GPU for all your modern gaming needs, making it a convenient choice for most gamers. 

Apple Mac Mini

With most of the already mentioned Macs going for over $2,000 and the best exceeding $3,000, it might be challenging for budget-conscious Mac gamers. That is where Apple Mac Mini devices come in. 

Surprisingly, Mac Minis can retail at as low as $599 and have an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU. Since these features might result in slow gameplay experiences, you might opt for Mac Mini with Apple M2 Pro. 

This comes in two categories, including the Mac Mini with M2, which has an enhanced 16-core GPU and retails at $1,299. Players can upgrade this setup to a 12-core CPU and 19-core GPU for only $300. 

With Apple Silicon support, the Mac Mini easily handles 1080p games at 30 to 60 fps per second. The device has good emulation and performs well with PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Switch games. 

Preparing Mac For Gaming

Besides getting the best Apple gaming setup, it’s also crucial to enhance the performance of your device. Properly cooling your Mac, especially after engaging in processor-intensive games, helps to prevent overheating. 

Monitoring background activities also ensures you don’t experience lags or shutdowns during gaming. By keeping an eye on how your Mac is engaged using the macOS built-in Activity Monitor, you can take corresponding actions to better your experiences.

As using this in-built feature might be challenging, alternatives like the iStat Menu come in handy. This light app puts together real-time system data where you can see as you interact with your favorite titles. 

Also, integrating recent advancements such as Sonoma can be a great way to minimize background tasks. Sonoma reduces latency, especially when using accessories like controllers, ensuring your gameplay is responsive. 

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Here are more measures to consider:

  • Enhancing battery life by reducing display brightness, using headphones, and snoozing inactive apps
  • Using VPNs that protect you from DDoS attacks
  • Decluttering your disk to free up more space for your preferred titles. 

In summary, as the gaming industry grows, finding the best apple setup can enhance your experience significantly. As such, considering factors like RAM, SSD, CPU, etc., can be a great way to get started.

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