How to Practice Healthy Eyesight Habits Using Your iPhone

Vineet Maheshwari

The iPhone has transformed technology and the future of mobile devices. When it was released in 2007, it changed the world as the first modern smartphone, boasting a revolutionary touchscreen design and multipurpose functionality that allowed for seamless internet access. With new iterations of the iPhone released every year, it’s no wonder it remains among the most popular smartphones today.

While you’re enjoying your time on your iPhone, however, it can affect your eyesight. Its screen can expose you to blue light that can damage retinal cells and cause vision loss. It can also result in eye strain and nearsightedness due to eyeball stretching. Luckily, you can engage in healthy eyesight practices using your iPhone, thanks to its unique features and the additional software you can download on its App Store.

That means it’ll be easy to practice healthy eyesight habits using your iPhone. Here are a few things you can try:

Maintain a healthy distance from your device with iOS 17’s Screen Distance

Holding your iPhone too close forces your eyes to work harder to focus on the screen. This can eventually strain them, leading to discomfort and even triggering headaches. iOS 17’s Screen Distance feature can help by reminding you to hold your iPhone at an adequate distance. Here, the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera system will measure the distance between your eyes and the screen, then display “iPhone is Too Close” alerts if you’re holding it less than 12 inches away.

The many supported devices with this impressive iOS update are all iPhones from the XR model to the latest 15th generation. To take advantage of this feature, enable the Screen Distance option in the Settings app.

Determine if you need an eye exam using the OPSM app

Eye exams determine if your eyes are in good condition or if you must take preventive measures to remain healthy. On average, they can cost $95, and you’ll also have to take time off work to attend them, so you may want to make sure you actually need one before booking an appointment.

To do so, you can download the OPSM app. It offers different tests to screen your eyes and give preliminary reports on their health. If it recommends seeking professional advice, you can then seamlessly book an eye exam on OPSM’s official website. Here, you’ll select the location you’d like to visit, pick an appointment schedule, and provide your contact information for a more accessible way to get your eyes checked when needed.

Limit your phone usage with iPhone’s Screen Time feature

Spending too much time on your iPhone puts you at risk for computer vision syndrome (CVS), which can cause blurry vision and neck pain. As such, you need to take breaks from using your iPhone.

iPhone’s Screen Time feature can help by setting time limits for phone usage according to your preference. For instance, you can set a 3-hour limit for watching YouTube videos, and it’ll let you know when to stop. You can even set a time, like 10:00 PM, for your iPhone to prevent you from using apps that keep you up for hours. Head to the Settings app and adjust the options found in the Screen Time tab to set your limits.

Practice eye exercises with the VisionUp app

Like your body, you need to exercise your eyes to stay healthy. As such, you may want to consider doing doctor-recommended eye yoga exercises. These can condition and strengthen the eye muscles to prevent and relieve eye strain caused by using your iPhone. You don’t need to leave your iPhone to try them, either: downloading VisionUp can help.

This app lists more than 50 exercises designed by eye care experts, from relaxation techniques to invigorating massages to combat various eye concerns like fatigue and redness. It provides instructions for each exercise, too, so you don’t have to search further for guides online. It’s a great way to build a healthy habit of exercising your eyes.

Healthy eyesight habits keep you from getting eye conditions that could lead to nearsightedness, vision loss, and more. Your trusty iPhone can help you maintain such practices.

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