These Apple Watch Apps are great for Skiing and Snowboard tracking

These Apple Watch Apps are great for Skiing and Snowboard tracking

Are you planning to go for skiing or snowboarding this winter with Apple Watch? If yes, but want some extra info such as descent, speed, number of runs, etc. Here, we will provide you with details about two awesome apps for Apple Watch which will take your skiing and snowboard tracking to the next level.

Earlier, Apple has introduced improved tracking and snowboarding for Apple watch 3 and later. The improved featured are introduced through new API which third-party apps can use.

For all people who don’t know, Apple Watch Workout App only consists of ‘Snow Sports’ category, which doesn’t provide detailed information.

The two popular apps, Slopes and Snocru provides great information. Slopes consist of a great UI, along with Siri shortcuts, music playback control, etc. While Snocru is great for ride tracking with a social aspect. Both the apps provide good features in free version. However, to get more features, you have to subscribe.


It consists of a simple and sleek interface on both, Apple watch and iPhone. The free version of the app is ad-free along with great features. This is how the interface looks on Apple watch:

You can check your live stats on three pages on your watch. The app provides built-in music playback control, which is awesome. Apart from this, you can also lock your watch to prevent any accidental taps. Also, you can view details such as top speed, elapsed time, the speed of the last run, vertical descent, and total miles on your screen.

To view more details, you can check saved sessions on your iPhone.

The main Slopes screen on iPhone provides lifetime stats, also quick access to the start button for new sessions. History tab at the bottom allows you to check your saved activity.

Apart from this, the app provides a lot of amazing features in premium version such as performance analysis, run displays, real-time analysis, etc.

Slopes has a great 4.8 ratings with 6.5k reviews on App store.

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Snocru is yet another app which is great for ski and snowboard tracking. The app provides a lot of data, however, it comes with social focus which is a combination of Strava and Foursquare.

The free version of the app comes with ads as company needs to generate revenue. The free version provides great tracking features such as max speed, average speed, total distance, vertical descent and ascent, max and min altitude, etc.

Here the how the interface of the app looks on Apple Watch:

It consists of basic interface, however, provides you a quick look at your main stats. The app doesn’t contain music playback controls.

On iPhone, the interface looks like this:

The main screen provides details about recent recording, conditions in your region. Tab at the bottom of the screen allows you to begin a new session, locate friends near you, a checklist of nearby resorts, etc.

Social aspect features are useful in a lot of ways. Public leaderboard offers details about top speed, number of checked-in, number of days tracked.

Two of the most amazing features in the app are CRU and DAYCRU. Using these features you can add friends and check stats and also locate Snocru users in your region.

To get various social features, advanced tracking, and an ad-free experience, the app comes with a subscription of $5/ month or $28/year after a 7-day free trial. Snocru has 4.4 starts with 500+ ratings on App store.

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Both the apps are great for skiing and snowboard tracking. If you want better UI, music playback controls, then go for slopes. But, if you want various social features, then go with Snocru.


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