Can I Play Games on My Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch supports a wide variety of play-for-fun and casino games. You only have to understand how to play them on the watch.


The Apple Watch is a popular wearable device today embraced by millions of people worldwide. As a matter of fact, according to statistics, there will be over 100 million Apple Watch users globally by 2021. The number keeps growing every year as better versions of the watch are launched from time to time.

Undoubtedly, it took the wearable tech industry by storm because of its amazing multipurpose features missing on other watches. Some of the Apple Watch’s capabilities include calling and receiving calls, health monitoring, music streaming, texting, and gaming.

For the latter, you can enjoy different types of games on the watch, as we are going to show you below. Let us take you through how to play games on your Apple Watch.

What is an Apple Watch?

It is a wearable smartwatch that allows you to accomplish various tasks like making phone calls, text messaging, and reading emails. Apple released its first smartwatch on April 24, 2015, and sold about 4.2 million watches. It was a promising start. The Apple Watch is powered by the Apple watchOS operating system, which is the Apple iOS’s watch version.

Additionally, navigation on the Apple Watch relies on tapping and swiping its touchscreen. One of the top reasons the watch became popular is its ability to connect to other smart devices. You can sync it with your Mac laptop, iPhone, and AirPods. Also, its health monitoring and fitness tracking capabilities have made the watch a darling to many people.

Best of all, the latest versions of the watch, like the newest kid on the block, Apple Watch Series 9, have more advanced features. They are missing on older versions, and some include:

  • A body temperature sensor
  • An emergency SOS
  • Water resistance
  • Blood oxygen and electrocardiogram readings

Does the Apple Watch Support Gaming?

Without a doubt, you can play a wide variety of games on your Apple Watch. The watch has an App Store with free and paid games specifically designed for playing on its tiny screen. All you have to do is search for them in the Apple Watch App Store.

However, most of them are simple because of the watch’s limited resolution, size, and control options. But that doesn’t have to limit you from having fun on your wrist. Some popular games to enjoy on the Apple watch are Pocket Bandit, Runeblade, Lifeline, Elevate, and Pong.

The good news is that the new Apple Watch series has faster processors that improve your gaming experiences. They can handle more instructions and calculations per second, which leads to smoother gameplay, and a largervariety of games. For the latter, you can even enjoy some spins on some pokies.

Can I Gamble on My Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch supports online gambling because you can play several casino games on it. Remember, you can connect the watch to the internet, which gives you access to many mobile casino apps and games.

Many gaming companies and casinos have optimized their games and platforms for smartwatches to improve their accessibility. So, you only have to install the casino apps on the Apple Watch, like the pokies app for real moneygameplay. Or, you can access the casino via the Watch Web Browser to play various games.

This means you can carry your favorite casino on your wrist. Other good news is that all the casino’s services are available on the watch version, such as different payment methods and various promotions and bonuses. In fact, the only difference is playing on a tiny screen, but the gaming process is the same as that on the desktop platforms.

How Do Apple Watch Games Work?

Several games are specifically designed for the watch, and you won’t get issues when playing them. Game developers have considered the small space factor when creating smartwatch games.

You might be wondering how you can play video games on a tiny screen. Game developers analyzed the Apple Watch situation and designed titles that only show the basic information. You access other game information by swiping to another screen.

Where Do I Find Apple Watch Games?

You find both free and paid play-for-fun gamesin the Apple Watch App Store. First, connect your watch to a WI-FI network and tap on the digital crown to locate the App Store among the listed apps. Then, search for games and they will be listed for you. If the game is free, tap on “Get” for it to install on your watch.

On the other hand, if the title is premium, tap the price tab to know its price and make your payment to get it. Best of all, when you tap on the game apps, they have all the instructions about how to play them. Each app also has ratings and reviews from other players to help you understand if it is worth your gameplay. It is better to play games with positive reviews for excellent gaming experiences.

Enjoy Playing Various Games on Your Apple Watch

You can have your gaming fun from anywhere as long as you are wearing an Apple Watch on your wrist. The watch supports different types of games optimized for gameplay on the tiny screen. So, don’t miss your gaming adventures when you are off the keyboard because your smartwatch supports them.

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