German court says iPhone is violating Qualcomm’s patent

German court says iPhone is violating Qualcomm's patent

Qualcomm has won another court victory against Apple this week, but this time in Germany. The German court has found that some of iPhone models, consisting Intel modems, violate a Qualcomm patent.

Qualcomm also mentioned that the District Court of Munich discovered that Apple is violating Qualcomm’s intellectual property for power saving in smartphones. To resolve this, the court accepted Qualcomm’s request by forcing a charge, ordering Apple to stop the sale, offer for sale and importation of sale in Germany for violating iPhones.

The latest charge is applicable to all the models of iPhones which contain the infringing functionalities and to Apple’s European Union entities as well as Apple Inc.

However, the ban will not go into effect if Apple requests. Apple is expressing a decision and removing iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 from store shelves within a few days.

In the China case, courts have found that Apple is violating Qualcomm patents associated with photo editing and arranging apps on a touchscreen.

Apple stated that they will not have to stop iPhone sales in China, instead, they will release software updates to solve the problem. Hence, in the latest iOS 12.1.2 update, it released a new animation which allows force closing apps for Chinese iPhones.

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The German order is more troublesome for the Cupertino giant as the patents under study are linked with modern technology.

As per Reuters,

In Germany, Apple wants to ban iPhones with chips from Intel Corp. The judge stated that few of the phones with a chip from Intel and Apple supplier Qorvo violate one of the Qualcomm’s patents around so-called envelope tracking, a feature which helps to save battery power while sending and receiving wireless signals.

Apple and Qualcomm will soon be commenting about the latest issue in the press release. As of now, Apple is involved in a global fight with Qualcomm, as it defends that Qualcomm is trying to fetch unsolicited patent licensing royalties on standards-essential patents.

Apple has started using Intel chips from iPhone 7. A large number of users also think that the tech giant is developing its own customized chips for upcoming devices.


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