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The Major Bugs and Issues in iOS 13 Developer Beta You Should Know

Major Bugs and Issues in iOS 13

iOS 13 developer beta released after Apple’s keynote of WWDC 2019. As we all know that Apple releases developer beta versions of any OS for testing purpose to developers. Developers all around the world try such beta OS and found & fix some bugs in iOS 13 Beta. If some issue that should be reported to Apple then they report them through developer forum. So you need to know that this iOS 13 is intended exclusively for software developers so they can test their apps and start adopting the new technologies in iOS.

If you are not developer, you can still download and install iOS 13 beta IPSW on your device to try and experience the new features of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. But we would recommend you to wait till some of the major bugs get fixed and refinements come with the iOS 13 public beta.

So find here are the main bugs and issue in iOS 13 and iPadOS Developer Beta:


  • To edit your widgets, you may need to rotate iPad to landscape orientation.
  • The EU volume limit warning may not appear even after exceeding the maximum volume limit.
  • After an installation iOS & iPadOS 13, users with huge photo libraries might need to wait for an extended period while their device shows the Apple logo with a progress bar.
  • Sometimes Face ID stops working unexpectedly and to resolve it you may need to restart your device and try again.

Audio Sharing

  • If you initiate a phone call using Siri from a device it might result in the call being routed to another device.
  • Trying to adjust the volume level during the audio sharing may show unexpected results.
  • When an audio device disconnects accidentally during audio sharing, it fails to reconnect and you need to restart your device.

Core Media

  • You might get interruptions while attempting to play Amazon Prime Video.
  • Support for low-latency HLS is not available in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 beta yet.

Home Screen

  • You can’t adjust playback volume while a track is paused on the lock screen.
  • The Files document popover on the Home screen can be expanded or scroll.
  • When Airplane Mode is turned on, you might get prompt to turn Wi-Fi on even though it’s already on. Solution: Disable Cellular Data instead of using Airplane Mode.
  • Some tools in Quick Action menus have accidentally large icons than normal.
  • While viewing widgets for the first time after rebooting the device, the “Show More” toggles may not appear until we exit and reopen the widget view.

Third-Party Apps

  • WhatsApp might get closed unexpectedly while forwarding a message to a user who is not in the recent list.
  • WhatsApp gives duplicate notifications or notifications without content.
  • Didi app may not be able to display map data.
  • Audio from Instagram stories might not play.
  • The Wells Fargo app might get closed unexpectedly while opened or while sign-in.


  • While Autoplaying Videos and Live Photos is enabled in, It automatically downloads contents using cellular connection when your device is not connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Sometimes selecting a sharing suggestion in Photos won’t allow the photo to be shared.

Find My

  • While performing an action in Find My, which generates an email, you may see references to the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps.
  • The feature <Notify when found> feature is not yet available.
  • Even after the device exits Lost Mode Apple Pay cards is remain suspended.
  • Offline-finding capability is limited.
  • The “Repeat Every Time” option for location notifications is not available.

Phone and FaceTime

  • Wi-Fi calls might drop while switching from Wi-Fi to a cellular network.
  • If SIM PIN is enabled then during the initial setup of a device, you may need to remove and reinsert the SIM card in order to reach the PIN entry prompt.
  • Users might not be able to transfer calls between devices that have the same iCloud account.
  • While taking a FaceTime Live Photo of a user during a Group FaceTime call may cause the remote user to be disconnected from the call.

Final Words:

All these bugs and issues will be solved before Apple releases iOS 13 public beta. And if they don’t get fixed then it may possible that Apple ends up releasing iOS 13 developer beta 2. So wait till all the major bugs and issues get fixed or you still want to live on the edge then you can download and install iOS 13 developer beta and experience it.

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