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iPhone 13 Phone Noise Cancellation Missing on IOS 15: How To Fix

iPhone 13 Phone Noise Cancellation Missing

With the iOS 15 update release, Apple has added dozens of useful features for iPhone users. The rain sounds in the background was a huge surprise. The company also added a new feature for noise cancellation for ambient noise reduction on iOS 15.

Noise Cancellation is the most useful feature to avoid or reduce ambient sound on phone calls. While many users have enabled the noise cancellation option on their iPhone and started using this fruitful feature, some users are missing noise cancellation on iPhone 13 series. Yes, you heard it right. 

Although Apple has landed the Noise Cancellation feature for iPhone 5 and newer devices, the ambient noise cancellation feature is not available on iPhone 13 devices. 

Where to find the Noise Cancellation option on iPhone 13?

On the iPhone running iOS 15 or never update, the user can find the Noise Cancellation option in the Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Phone Noise Cancellation. Here you can turn toggle ON or OFF according to your preference. But the Noise Cancellation is not showing on iPhone 13 models. 

According to one Reddit user, Apple never added the Noise Cancellation feature on iPhone 13. The glitch has been there since the iPhone 13 series release with iOS 15, but no one noticed. Redditors also submitted complain to Apple Support. But the team is still working on the feature. 

Since the team is already working on this missing feature, we can expect iOS 15 upgrades with the Noise Cancellation feature. However, users can enjoy the Voice Isolation feature for Noise Cancelation. Once the call starts, you can open Content Center, tap on Mic, and select Voice Cancellation to reduce background sound. 

The current iOS 15.3 beta is also missing the Noise Cancellation option on iPhone 13 models. Let’s wait for iOS 15 upgrades to get Noise Cancellation on iPhone 13.

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