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How to Nominate Someone on Clubhouse App

How to Nominate Someone on Clubhouse App

From the last couple of years, the trend of the podcast is increasing very fast. Apple added the new ‘Time To Talk’ feature within the Fitness Plus app to listen to podcasts from the well-know personalities. But from this month since Elon Musk tweeted about Clubhouse, people are going crazy for this app. 

Clubhouse is also an audio-chat only app that allows users to listen to some interviews, tips and more from the famous faces worldwide. While many users are started using this audio chat app, some are still looking for the guide to nominate someone on Clubhouse app. 

Inviting or nomination someone on Clubhouse app is not that easy like other current apps. It is a bit of a confusing process. We will guide you to send a request to the Clubhouse app.

How To Nominate Someone On Clubhouse App in iOS Devices

Once you have activated Clubhouse on your iPhone, you can simply use the Member Search feature to find someone on Clubhouse from your contact list. Even you cannot hide your profile from someone. 

Nominating or inviting someone to Clubhouse app is depends on how much requests or invites do you have. Users who have installed the app in 2020 get few invites and newcomers only get a couple of requests. 

Make sure that invitee is already in your contact list and already have started using Clubhouse app. It would help if you found them my name or username and then they will receive the text message that will tell them that you have invited them and they accept your request.

You can also connect your Instagram or Twitter account with Clubhouse to increase your friend list. You can go to your profile, scroll down and choose Twitter or Instagram. 

Like our Instagram feed or discover, there is a Clubhouse App Hallway where you can see the current ongoing chatrooms and enter it. 

Final Words

Are using Clubhouse app? Are you still struggling to use the app? Please do let us know via comments. Do you think Clubhouse is the next best stop of the podcast? Feel free to share your review in the comment section.

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