How To Invite People To Clubhouse on iOS Devices?


The “Clubhouse” suddenly stormed the entire world after the tweet from Elon Musk. After the audio-chat on Clubhouse with Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev by Elon Musk, the app was surprised with more than 2 million downloads within a couple of days. 

What is Clubhouse app?

Clubhouse is an audio-chat only app launched in March 2020. Users can listen to interviews and discussions from friends, and popular people worldwide depend on their choice. It is one type of podcast app, but it has the better interface and new functions. 

How to get started with Clubhouse?

Since the app only has the invite-only function, you cannot simply install it from your App Store and start using it. If you are very keen to use this app, let’s dive into it and find out the way to invite people to Clubhouse app. 

Methods to Get Clubhouse Invite On iPhone

As we told you could start using the app only if someone sends you the Clubhouse Invoice code, we have found some ways to get a Clubhouse invitation. 

#1: Hit Social Media Platforms

I guess you are already using WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook app; someone from your group or friend list may have already started using the app. Hence, ask someone to send you the invite code, and you will be able to the active Clubhouse for free. You can also use in a close-knit group and create a pass-it onward free chain.

#2: Be In a Queue 

You can simply download and install Clubhouse app from the App Store and register on it. But it is not that simply. You will have to submit your username and they will put your in a waiting list. If they see any exist from your group or contact, they will let you in with the Clubhouse alert. This method requires too much patience. 

#3: Buy From Reddit

As the demand for this drop-in audio chat is increasing very fast, many iOS users want to start using the app before it goes to Android. Therefore, many users are also offering Clubhouse Invite Code on Reddit. You can visit the app and get the invite code by paying some amount. There are many other apps available online that are offering Clubhouse invite code in $30. But we don’t suggest these kinds of sites as they are not legit. 

#4: Join Free Chain 

We have seen on Reddit and Facebook groups that many people have started creating free invite chains to get more invitations. You can join this type of chain and list yourself in line if anyone is there to benefit you. There is no surety that you can get the invite, but you can try. 

Clubhouse FAQs:

Can I Get Start Using Clubhouse Without Invite Code?

No, as the app is only available for iOS users, the invitation is necessary for the new user. Many features are still in beta, so that we can expect something exciting from the final version.

Why Is It Tough To Get Clubhouse Invite?

If someone has been removed from the waitlist or have been invited by someone else, they can only extend the invitation to another user. The user’s numbers is limited. The only way to get started is to be invited by someone.

What Is The Clubhouse Invite Limite?

If you had download the app last year, you could have three to five invites to share, and if you joined recently, you could get two or three invites. In a simple world, the number of available invites is very low compared to the users who want to be active.  


Have you got the Clubhouse invite code? If you have started using the app, please do share your feedback about it. Do you think is could be the next huge podcast app? Is it better than Apple’s Fitness+ app’s ‘Time To Talk’ feature? 

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