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10 Best Features of IOS 15.4 Update You Should Check Now

Features of IOS 15.4 Update

Apple’s latest iOS 15.4 beta 1 releases for developers with new and pretty features. It’s been a couple of days since developers have started testing the latest iOS 15.4 update. Everyone praises the new update as Apple is surprised with some new and cutting-edge features. Let’s find out what’s new on iOS 15.4 update.

New Feature On iOS 15.4 Update

1.      New Emojis

The latest iOS 15.4 landed with some new and cool 36 emojis. Apple has added melting face, lip biting face, pregnant man, and more fun and cool new emojis on iOS 15.4 update. We have already covered the article about the new 36 emojis of the iOS 15.4 update.

2.      Face ID with Mask On

Since the COVID-19 pandemic set the rule to wear a mask in public places, it has been annoying for iPhone users to unlock iPhone via Face ID and remove mask everyone. Apple earlier added the feature to unlock iPhone via Apple Watch while wearing a mask. But now, Apple added a new way to use Face ID with Mask On. With the help of this feature, iOS users will be able to use Face ID on iPhone while wearing a mask. There won’t be a need to remove mask in a public place to unlock iPhone or use Face ID for any other function.

3.      Add EU COVID-19 Card To Health And Wallet

Apple has added EU COVID-19 vaccine certificate support to Health and Wallet app on iPhone. Users can simply add the EU COVID-19 vaccine to Health and Wallet by scanning the certificate with the camera app and tapping on it. It will be added to your health and wallet app, and you will be able to access it quickly with a double click on the side button on iPhone or Apple Watch.

4.      Notes In Keychain

With the iOS 15.4 update, the user will add notes to the password entry in the Keychain. Even many third-party apps are already supporting this feature. Also, making Keychain service free would be tough competition to the other similar apps. Earlier, Apple has also added 2-factory authentication (2FA) support to secure every login.

5.      Apple Card Widget

Apple has added another useful feature on iOS 15.4 update. With the help of this new Apple Card Widget, users can keep track of the current balance and daily spending on the small widget. Once you add the Apple Card Widget, you don’t need to open the Wallet app every time to check expenditures. You can take a glance at the new Apple Card Widget.

6.      New SharePlay Button

iPhone’s screen sharing feature has already been added to the iOS 15.2 update. To make it more valuable and common among users, Apple has added the new SharePlay shortcut when you tap to share anything, and it will be visible to the apps that support Apple’s SharePlay feature.

7.      Custom Email Domain

If you want to create some custom email domain based on website or brand name, Apple’s iOS 15.4 landed with the new custom email domain feature to set up five custom email domains. But the user should get the iCloud+ subscription.

8.      Disable Shortcuts Automations notifications

Once you have created any automation in the Shortcut app and then opened it for use, it shows annoying notifications every time. Hence, iOS 15.4 update allows users to disable shortcut automation notifications. The new “Notify When Run” toggle shows up when you disable “Ask Before Running.”

9.      App Store Notification

According to the need, Apple has added the new Notification section for the App Store to choose options for New Features & Updates or Recommendations & Offers.

10. Up Next Display In Apple TV

Apple TV app has received the new option to display up next content in Still Frame and Poster Art. When you choose Still Frame, it will show Still Frames from what you are watching, and Poster Art will display main title images for shows and movies.


These are the ten new features we have seen iOS 15.4 beta one update. We may expect some change in upcoming updates and final updates. Until that, let us know which feature catches your eyeballs and what you still miss from the current iOS 15.4 beta update. Feel free to share your feedback in the comment box.

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