How To Use Face ID With Mask On iPhone


Apple’s Face ID feature is the most secure feature on iPhone. Since the COVID-19 forced everyone to wear Mask, it’s so annoying to remove mast to unlock iPhone. For sure, Apple worked hard to make this feature safe and secure. But I hate to un-wear my Mask to unlock my iPhone or use Face ID for payment apps. Thanks to the new iOS 15.4 for allowing users to unlock iPhone with Mask on via Face ID.

It’s has been more than two years, and wearing Mask is compulsory in this era of COVID-19. Hence, iPhone users were keenly wanted the feature to unlock iPhone using Face ID with Mask on quickly. Apple’s new iOS 15.4 beta rolled for uses around the work with the new “Use Face ID With A Mask” feature under the Face ID section.

How To Set Up Unlock IPhone Using Face ID with Mask On

Note: Currently, Face ID unlocking iPhone with Mask On feature is only available on iOS 15.4 beta. We can expect the final iOS 15.4 soon for the public with the same feature.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Face ID & Passcode section.
  3. Enter Passcode to unlock the section.
  4. Scroll down a bit and turn toggle next to “Use Face ID With A Mask”.
  5. Now, look at your iPhone to scan the face while wearing Mask. Make sure it scans your eyes. Make sure that you complete the bubble that appears on the screen.
  6. After that, you will see the ‘Use Face ID With A Mask’ enabled.
  7. Once you have activated Use Face ID With A Mask feature on your iPhone running iOS 15.4, you will be able to unlock your iPhone in public while wearing Mask quickly.

Face ID With Mask On iPhone [FAQs]

Is it safe to use Face ID With Wear Mask On?

Alongside the “Use Face ID With A Mask” option, Apple has also mentioned that Face ID is most accurate when set up for full-face recognition only. To use Face ID while wearing a mask, iPhone can recognise the unique feature around the eye area authenticate. You must be looking at your iPhone to use your Face ID while wearing a mask.

How does Face ID With Wear Mask On work?

With the new Face ID with A Mask On feature, Apple payment attention to the area around your eyes while wearing a face mask. However, it is not secured compared to the full Face ID. But it would be the best option to unlock the iPhone in public while wearing Mask on. Also, you don’t need to use Apple Watch to unlock iPhone as you can unlock it with Mask On.


After a long time, Apple has done something great by adding one of the most fruitful features, the “Face ID with A Mask On” feature for iPhone and iPad users. People are already praising this feature. Do you think it could make it to the final iOS 15.4 uspdate? Did you try this feature yet? Share your feedback in the comment box.

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