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Lip Biting, Melting Face, Pregnant Man, and More New iOS 15.4 Emojis Are Fun

iOS 15.4 Emojis

We often use emojis a lot while chatting with friends and family since it adds a real feel to the conversation. And Apple’s emojis are charming and fun to use during conversations with loved ones. The best thing about iOS is that Apple always comes up with some pretty funny emojis. The new iOS 15.4 beta version recently landed with 36 new emojis for iPhone users.

With the new iOS 15.4 beta version, Apple introduced 36 more emoji, including the melting face, pregnant man, salute, mirror disco ball, multi-racial handshakes, and more emoji to make your chit-chit charming.

Currently, Apple has released the iOS 15.4 beta for developers only. We may be able to see these new emojis on the final iOS 15.4 version, along with the most awaited Face ID with Mask On feature.

If you have not downloaded iOS 15.4 beta on your iPhone but still want to know the new emoji on iOS 15.4, let’s check out here.

iOS 15.4 New Emojis

Melting Face

Face with Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth

Face with Peeking Eye

Saluting Face

Dotted Line Face

Face with Diagonal Mouth

Face Holding Back Tears

Person with Crown

Pregnant Person

Pregnant Man

Rightwards Hand

Leftwards Hand

Palm Down Hand

Palm Up Hand

Hand with Index Finger and Thumb Crossed

Index Pointing at the Viewer

Heart Hands

Multi-Racial Handshakes



Empty Nest

Nest with Eggs


Pouring Liquid


Playground Slide


Ring Buoy


Mirror Ball

Low Battery




Identification Card

Heavy Equals Sign

The new 36 emoji on iOS 15.4 is also expected to come to the final version of the update. Did you like these new emojis? Do you still miss some emojis? Share your feedback in the comment box.

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