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Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protectors

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protectors

The new iPhone 13 pro max is loaded with many specifications like enhanced 5G, a stunning Super Retina XDR display, 120Hz smart screen refresh rate calling it “Pro-Motion,” even better camera with added features. You will definitely need your device to stay safe and not broken into pieces if fallen accidentally. The most accurate way to do it is to use a screen protector on iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Although iPhones are made very strong and not meant to be broken easily, a tempered glass screen protector of iPhone 13 ProMax adds more protection to your valuable device, which is not harmful to use. Even if something happens then, the guard will be the one taking most of the damage. Replacing a part of your iPhone will cost a hundred times more than replacing the screen protector.

Top 5 Best Screen Protectors For iPhone 13 Pro Max

1. ESR Armorite screen protector

It is a costly screen protector, but the level of protection it provides is worth paying the extra money. The glass is ultra-clear with the best transparency, easy to install, leaves no fingerprints, and keeps it a gleaming experience.

2. Zagg InvisibleShield XTR Screen Protector

With features like Eyesafe blue light filter and an antimicrobial treatment, ZaggInvisibleShield XTR claims to be the manufacturer of the best screen protectors in the market. More durable, highly touch-sensitive, easier fitting makes it the most comprehensive iPhone 13 screen protector.

3. Spigen EZ Fit

This tempered glass has a 9H durability complemented by an oleophobic coating proves to be a complete all-rounder. The auto-alignment installation tray included in it makes it a lot easier to fit on the screen without any bubbles on your latest iPhone 13 pro max.

4. EWUONU Screen Protector

It is the best privacy screen protector out of all available in the market. The coating used to make the screen private is of high quality and doesn’t leave your iPhone 13 unprotected after some time. There are two screen protectors and an installation kit in the box.

5. SuperShieldz Screen Protector

It has a 99.99% HD clarity and a high-quality Japanese PET film screen, making it the best in the line. The smooth touch experience and 2.5D rounded edges enhance the beauty of it. It fits perfectly with your iPhone 13 Pro Max and leaves no residue when removed.

Various screen protectors are available in the market, but choosing the right one according to your phone is quite essential. If you don’t know the difference between the screen guards and are confused about picking the best among all, here is a detailed explanation regarding the best iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protectors.

Qualities that a screen protector must have

Durability Test

Although the screen protectors are not meant to last for long, they should not be damaged even after minor blows. A good quality screen protector will withstand blades, scissors, keys, and other hard, sharp objects.

Perfect Size

The screen protector should cover all sides and edges of the screen, providing complete protection. Smaller or larger size will not suit the device as the small one will lack protection on the remaining part of the screen, and the larger one will make it uneasy for a user to carry the phone.

Smooth touch on your fingers

The touchability of the screen should be smooth, and the movement of fingers should not detect the presence of hard glass. A good quality tempered glass screen protector will feel like it’s the actual screen of the phone.

Better protection

As the name suggests, a screen protector should be made of a hard material, and it must provide all the protection that a screen needs. The hardness of a screen protector can be tested by scratching over it with a 9H pencil.

Top Quality Display

A considerable effort is made by mobile companies like Apple these days to make their displays better with every new device. A good screen protector should not degrade the quality of the display. The higher the transparency higher the quality of the protector will be. If any label claims the transmittance is 9 xs%, it is just there to confuse you because the standard transmittance data should be: ≥90.0%.

Different types of screen protectors

PET film screen protectors: These protectors are made of polyethylene terephthalate, a type of plastic. A scratch-resistant polyester side and silicon adhesive on the opposite side. While the tempered glass provides better protection, the Japanese PET film screen protectors are anti-glare, leaving no residue over it. There are comparatively cheap in price too but still very usable. You can purchase them in quantity and replace them anytime you feel like it.

Install with ease protectors

These are comparatively better quality tempered glass screen protectors with an installation tray included in the box to easily use on your iPhone 13 pro max. It has all the qualities of a good screen protector, even at a lower price.

Case-friendly protectors

These screen protectors are case-friendly and leave no air bubbles even if you use a hard case. These screen protectors are hydrophobic and oleophobic, keeping the fingerprints on screen as is. Some other cases are not suitable with cases and tend to damage easily.

Premium protectors

These are the best quality tempered glass screen protectors providing complete protection to your iPhone. These cover the entire screen and mix with it in such a way, it doesn’t feel like it’s there. The smooth experience is worth paying more money. The fact that it covers the phone edge-to-edge plays a crucial role in its popularity.

Privacy Screen Protector

It is good to have a high-protective screen guard, but protecting it from people’s eyes is even better. These protectors have a unique feature of resembling only a black screen at a certain angle even when the iPhone screen is on. You can see the screen only from straight on but allows no peeping from sides.


A screen protector is definitely a wise investment. We all know that Apple iPhone 13 pro max has a ceramic shield glass screen to protect its Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion and all-screen OLED display, 1,000 nits max brightness, and a Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. All of this makes the device very strong and hard to show even a scratch. But when you buy such a costly device, it is better to be cautious before anything happens as the repairing cost of apple products is way too high.

We have guided you through all the good qualities that make a screen protector more valuable, the different types and variety of screen guards to choose from, and summing it up at last with some of the top screen protector brands for your iPhone. After reading all the details about the screen protectors, it should be a lot easier for you to choose the best-suited type according to your need. That wraps up the list of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protectors that are worth spending money on. Hope you keep your iPhone safe from the tragedies using the ways we have suggested here.

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