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If you haven’t already, now is an excellent time to start looking at new phone covers. Now that the iPhone 13 Pro has been out, you can begin searching for an exceptional case for what is likely to be your new favourite iPhone. You can buy some of the aesthetic and designer iPhone 13 Pro cases right now, so you’ll be prepared when the phone arrives. Whether you want a lot of protection, something thin, something transparent, or something different, you can get some of the most excellent covers right now.

Although the 6.1-inch Ceramic Shield touchscreen is more durable than previous versions, you still run the danger of shattering it if you don’t use a decent protective cover to keep it safe from accidental drops.

Here are the newest iPhone 13 Pro designer cases to choose from, ranging from crystal-clear to ultra-rugged designs. Make a note of the ones that catch your eye.

Top 8 Best iPhone 13 Pro Designer Cases

1. Mujjo entire leather wallet case

The Mujjo entire leather case is made of vegetable-tanned full-grain leather that is supple on the surface and durable on the inside. It is available in a variety of vibrant colours that look fantastic thanks to the aniline oil treatment.

It is charming, thanks to the finely lined inside, the luxurious Japanese microfibers, and the elegant satin finish of the leather casing. Because the buttons are entirely contained inside the case, you will have complete control over their response. Furthermore, the raised bezels, which include the bump for the back camera, provide you with additional protection from rough surfaces.

Additionally, it is fragile, which only serves to highlight the stunning design of your smartphone. It’s no surprise that publications such as the New York Times and Forbes have given it overwhelmingly positive ratings. Not to mention that the case supports MagSafe wireless charging and is backed by a 2-year guarantee as well as a 30-day return policy.

2. Apple leather case with MagSafe

Apple’s leather case enables rapid wireless charging and is equipped with built-in magnets that make it simple to attach and remove the case at any point in the day. It seems to be almost weightless due to its thin and slender appearance.

Like other certified Apple leather cases, this certified Apple leather case has undergone hundreds of hours of testing to ensure that it will protect your phone from scratches and drops. The only disadvantage is that while utilizing MagSafe charging, the case leaves faint impressions on the surface of the device.

3. SHIELDON magnetic wallet case

This SHIELDON magnetic leather case for the iPhone is made of genuine and top-layer cowhide leather and has a cushion buffer as well as dual-layer shockproof protection to keep your iPhone safe from bumps and drops.

What’s more, there is more. The inside lining of the case is made of polyester fabric and RFID blocking material, which increases its longevity and protects your personal information from unwanted fraud. The case may also be a kickstand and wallet with a full-length pocket and three card slots.

To top it all off, the case is equipped with a concealed magnetic closing that keeps your valuables safe and secure. The cutouts provide precision and functionality for your camera, speaker, ports, and flash.

4. Catalyst Vibe Case for iPhone 13 Pro

The Catalyst Vibe Case, on the other hand, was designed to improve the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro. When fitted, it can provide up to 30% louder sound than the iPhone’s inbuilt speakers (when compared to using no case at all, up to +3.8 dBA), and it comes with a convenient lanyard to keep it safe while on the go.

Catalyst also says that their case offers 2.5X more drop protection than its rivals — up to 10 feet — and that the four corners serve as connection points for additional Catalyst Crux equipment (ex, carabiner, stick-on wallet, and neck strap). Additionally, there’s a convenient rotating mute button, which makes it super-easy to quiet your phone at a moment’s notice. When you include MagSafe compatibility, it’s easy to understand why this is one of our top choices.

5. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe

Apple does, of course, manufacture its silicone cover for the iPhone 13 Pro, which is available in a variety of colour options. Although the outside layer is soft and gripping in hand, the inside layer features a soft microfiber covering that helps to keep scratches and dents to a minimum.

This case is compatible with the company’s leather wallet, which is also compatible with Find My, which means you will be notified of the wallet’s last known location if it becomes separated from your phone. This case is available in black or white.

6. Spigen Ultra Hybrid S for iPhone 13 Pro

It’s challenging to find a better clear case than Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid S if you like transparent cases. This straightforward case comprises two layers for further protection and is entirely transparent to allow maximum visibility. Using a CPU bumper improves shock absorption, and the robust and sturdy polycarbonate back helps keep scratches and scuffs at bay, thanks to the use of durable TPU materials. The buttons are pleasant and tactile, and the kickstand on the rear is excellent for propping up your iPhone while watching movies.

7. Sonix cases for iPhone 13 Pro

Every iPhone cover doesn’t need to be plain and uninteresting. Use Sonix cases to personalize your new phone. Drop-tested to a height of 10 feet, all cases ensure that your iPhone 13 Pro will be safe from minor impacts. In addition, they have MagSafe compatibility, antibacterial substance integrated into the material, and an abundance of various and distinctive styles to choose from, among other things.

8. UAG U Dot Series for iPhone 13 Pro

The U Dot Series is an excellent primary case for people who like a firm grip with its textured back. This case features a matte finish with gripping corners and is available in various hues, including the gorgeous Dusty Rose pink seen here. Despite its small size and low weight, it is very protective, even when dropped repeatedly.

It would help if you considered the following while looking for the most satisfactory iPhone 13 Pro cover for your needs:

Opt for ones with a high drop rating to keep your iPhone safe when it comes to construction materials.

The majority of the cases on this list are MagSafe compatible, except holster-style cases.

While some cases provide one or two colour schemes per brand, the most avant-garde ones go all out with mixed hues, textured patterns, and personalized branding.

While the number of iPhone 13 Pro covers available for purchase will almost doubt increase in the following weeks, there are still plenty of excellent choices available for sale right now. So, when your iPhone 13 Pro does arrive, you’ll already have a cover to protect it from the elements.

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