Apple’s iPhone 11R takes a New Design and Shape


We are still not sure about the names of the next 2019 iPhone models but according to several rumors, Apple is planning to release three models this year in its September event. These three iPhones 2019 are believed to be the successors of the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS/X. Apple may name the next-gen iPhone as iPhone 11 or iPhone XI, so according to the rumor, we may expect the name of the new iPhone XR to be iPhone 11R or iPhone XI R. The new leaks about iPhone 11R are more promising.

As we all know about the most speculated change in iPhone 11 is that Apple is presenting a triple-lens camera in iPhone 11, but only high-end iPhone models (iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Max) are getting this upgrade. Right now iPhone XR is the cheapest iPhone among the latest models and its sale has been increased in the Q1 of this year. So, Apple would definitely unveil the next-gen iPhone 11R.

According to the latest leaks and our previous post about leaked CAD images, show the design and shape of iPhone 11R. The new iPhone 11R is going to have dual-camera in back instead of one. iPhone XR has 1792 x 828 LCD display, which quite good that 720p but the iPhone 11R is rumored to have 1080p LED display. Yes, we are going to see OLED display in iPhone XR until 2021. While some reports also suggested that iPhone 11R will have the same LCD display with 6.1-inch screen size.

Besides the change in shape and design, changes in the new look are also expected in new iPhone 11R. iPhone XIR is getting new lavender and green color replacing its predecessor Coral and Blue. Rest of the models will have the same colors. Just like iPhone XR new iPhone 11R is expected to be Apple’s best selling iPhone model this year. It will be a low-end model compare to iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max but new changes will definitely attract the people to want an affordable iPhone with the latest technology.

We are still 2 months away from Apple’s grand September event where Apple will unveil its new iPhone models. Recently, Apple rolled out iOS 13 public beta and the final version of it is expected in the fall this year. We would see what exactly Apple has plans for iPhone 11R in September.

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