Apple’s got some revolutionary offerings for the future – Apple Cars, Glasses, and faster iPhone


Apple has been a remarkable American company since the beginning but the last decade proved most successful as it came with the most-revolutionary device iPhone when it started manufacturing smartphones. Since then Apple is known to be the “iPhone company” but in the last few years, Apple is becoming more than just an “iPhone manufacturer”. Apple’s recent quarter reports clearly show that the company is making very good numbers in the sale of accessories like AirPods, Apple Watch, and services like Apple Music, Podcast, and Apple News. Recently, Apple launched its online streaming service called Apple TV+ and gaming service named Apple Arcade.

Now Apple is gearing up for more products with great innovative products, such as Apple’s self-driving cars to smart computer glasses to dominate the future. Here are the things that Apple is planning to reveal soon and the list also includes the first 5G iPhone.

Apple Smart Glasses – Can it replace the iPhone?

The reports are circulating in the market for the last few years that Apple is developing an eyewear product with augmented-reality sensing lenses and these expected to be released in 2021.

But the recent reports suggest that a secret meeting was held in Apple’s headquarter with employees and two headsets were discussed, as reported by Businessinsider.

According to the reports, one of the two headsets will release in 2022 and it will be more like Facebook’s VR headsets. Apple’s VR AR headsets will feature a high-resolution display with a camera placed on the outside to show the surrounding of the user to use the device for gaming and other entertainment. Another device is said to be Apple’s smart glasses which are scheduled for 2023. It may resemble normal sunglasses but will feature a thick frame to be packed with battery and processors. This will be able to connect with iPhone and users can read the messages, email, and other things from the glasses.

Apple’s Self-Driving Cars

It’s been several years since we are listening to the rumors about Apple developing cars. Leaked patent reports of Apple’s self-driving cars are suggesting that Apple has named its developing process “Project Titan”.

Several reports claim that Apple has engaged hundreds of employees in this project. The official announcement about the Apple cars hasn’t been made yet and no rumored date or year of the launch of the self-driving cars is hard to guess yet.

But Apple is reportedly working on this project for the last five years so we may expect Apple Titan Cars in the next decade.

Apple’s Bundle of Services Plan

Apple jumped in online music streaming service in 2015 to take on Spotify and other major services. But in 2019 we have seen Apple launching three major services like Apple News+, gaming service Apple Arcade, and streaming service Apple TV+.

Apple TV Plus is said to be one of the biggest invest by the company in recent years to take on other monsters in the market, such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

According to some reports, Apple may launch a plan that will include all services by Apple except Apple Arcade. Inclusion of Apple TV+, Apple New Plus, and Apple Music with one plan will really be convenient for Apple users.

Fastest 5G iPhones

Even though Apple is developing new products, it will never stop manufacturing iPhone and every year new models will be released with the latest technology and features.

Kuo reported in June that Apple will be launching its first 5G iPhones in 2021. Other than 5G modem in the new iPhone, new camera features, bilateral charging support, new Touch-ID, and other features are expected to be bundled in next year’s iPhone 12 models. The device will be introduced at Apple’s September event of 2021.

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