Why is it Worth Waiting for Apple’s 2021 5G iPhone and What Could We Expect from Apple Next Year

Vineet Maheshwari

Key Notes:

  • Apple is planning 5G iPhones and many more changes for iPhone 2021.
  • Apple’s new 2019 iPhones will have only a few design changes compared to last year’s iPhone, confirmed by semiconductor analysts at Barclays.
  • Full-Screen Touch ID is in development and new iPhone SE 2 will be made iPhone internal features.

Apple has recently filed a patent about the all-new upgraded Touch-ID but it is possible that this feature is still in development and may be added in iPhone model of 2021 so it is now officially confirmed that Apple is bringing its Touch ID to new iPhones. This will not replace the Face ID but both the unlocking method will be included in next-gen devices. An array of pinhole camera will be placed beneath the screen that will allow users to unlock the iPhone from full-screen.

Apple’s 2019 iPhones will have few changes in design and the iPhone maker’s major update for the iPhones is planned for the year 2021, confirmed by the Barclay semiconductor analysts on Friday.  Barclay said it is expecting Apple to commence production of its new iPhone sometimes in July and August next year. The 5G testing is already being done by various telecom giants and it has been signaled for 5G iPhone in 2021.

Barclay confirms the most speculated rumors about iPhone 2019 models that they will have the third camera and will ship both LCD and OLED variants just like they what they did last year. The company said that LG may enter as second OLED display supplier for iPhone 2019 (10-30% volume).

Apple may be planning a next lined up successor to the iPhone SE which was actually launched 3 years ago and featured 4” inch displayed to target customers who wanted smaller and more affordable smartphones. It is being said that this iPhone SE will be powered on the basis of iPhone 8 and it sounds enticing.

What we heard about the 2019 iPhones is that the 3D touch will be eliminated which possible signaling a Haptic Touch expansion. The next-gen iPhone XR will get 4GB of RAM, updated from previous 3GB. Other rumors suggest there will be larger batteries, frosted glass casing, and a whole mute key update. Apple’s WWDC 2019 event is to be held on June 3 and is likely to announce iOS 13, according to the keynotes. We may expect iOS 13 beta to be rolled out next month for testing purpose.

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