Spotify Not Working On iOS 15: How To Fix It


For sure, iOS 15 dropped with pretty useful features for iPhone users. From Safari to FaceTime, Apple improved many things with the latest new iOS 15 update. As the iOS 15 is still in beta, many bugs and glitches are popping up. Many users are also facing Spotify issues on iOS 15. 

Users around the world are facing Spotify Bluetooth not working problem. According to them, when they try to connect iPhone to a Bluetooth device while something is playing on Spotify, Bluetooth is not connecting to iPhone. Many users claim that the issue is arising on the device running iOS 15 beta update. 

Some users wrote that even if the Bluetooth device is connected to iPhone, but still not able to play songs from Spotify. Also, even cars no longer playing songs over Bluetooth with Spotify. Some folks also noted that even if the Bluetooth device is connected to the iPhone and the user play songs on Spotify, the music is playing in speakers instead of connected Bluetooth device. 

How To Fix iOS 15 Bluetooth Not Working With Spotify

After hearing a number of complaints about the Spotify Bluetooth iOS 15 issue, we also dive into it and found that users with iOS 15 beta 2 are getting this issue. App developers are aware of this issue and working on the fix. Meanwhile, many users have found the temporary issue. Let’s check out the fix. 

  1. Turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  2. Locate the Spotify app from App Library, Spotlight Search, or Home Screen.
  3. Tap and hold the app icon.
  4. Once you see the popup with options, tap on the Delete app.
  5. Tap again on the Delete option to uninstall the app.
  6. Go to the App Store.
  7. Please search for the Spotify app and install it again.

After re-installing the Spotify app on your iPhone, try to connect the Bluetooth device to see if the issue is fixed. If you need more help regarding the same or use any new iOS 15 feature, please directly drop a comment below.

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