Replacing iPhone’s battery with non-Apple product May Lose this Feature

By Gustavo

Everyone loves the iPhone and adores all its premium features dedicated to privacy and safety features for the user. But from ages iPhone has a problem with its battery life. The latest iPhone XS Max depends on 3174 mAh battery capacity while competitors are providing 3500 and 4000 mAh at a much lower price. Fully charged iPhone can’t stay awake whole day if you are using it with internet and you have to carry backup power banks to charge it before it goes dead. Somehow overcharging and using the phone while charging can affect the battery life of the iPhone. With the new feature in iOS 13, you can check the health of battery from its settings and it will tell you when you need to change your iPhone’s battery with a new one.

So, after two or three years, you need to replace the battery. And usually, changing battery from an Apple store costs higher compared to non-brand so people tend towards the cheaper option to save some bucks. But here’s the drill, Apple says if you replace the iPhone’s battery with other than Apple’s genuine one then you won’t be able to use the Apple’s “Batter Health” feature.

“Battery health” is a new feature from Apple that is introduced with iOS 13 and it tells you if your battery’s health is significantly good or degraded. It shows “Maximum Capacity” that is a measure of battery capacity relative to when it was new. It indicated percentage and lower percentage may result in fewer hours of usage between charges. The most talked feature is “Optimized Battery Charging”. This is actually a smart feature which learns from your daily charging routine so it could wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use the phone to reduce battery aging. For example, if you out iPhone charge overnight and unplug it every morning at 6 AM then your iPhone will not be charging more than 80% until half an hour before 6.

So if you want to enjoy these awesome features which will allow you to know your battery heath and save your battery from aging then you would have to use only genuine battery provided by App from Apple store or an authorized Apple Service Center. Right now if your device has other brand battery placed then you wouldn’t be able to use the latest features of battery health. Although, replacing original battery from Apple will also get you a warranty and it is safe so never rush to get a non-genuine battery in iPhone just to save a few bucks.

iOS 13 is releasing this fall and it has a lot to offer such as Dark Mode, new volume HUI, privacy and many more. You can try iOS 13 public beta right now to try on its features. So we always recommend you to use genuine Apple accessories and repair parts. Apple’s iPhone 11 is also expected to release next month.

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By Gustavo
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