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Major iPhone 12 Details Leaked Through The YouTube Video

iPhone 12 Details Leaked

A couple of days ago, we discussed iPhone 13 camera technology, and now we have something interesting to share about the upcoming iPhone 12 device. I know we are still a few months about from the final launch, but people can’t stop talking about Apple’s next iPhone 2021.

This time, there has been one YouTube video roaming all over the internet, revealing Apple iPhone 12 pro design. According to the video posted by the Mauro Battino and YouTuber ConceptsiPhone, the upcoming iPhone 2021 looks amazing compared to the previous iPhones. The most interesting thing is that they are confirming that the design is 100% final. Yes, you heard me right. But we are not sure about the design as there is no confirmation from any Apple employee.

Whether the design would be 100% right or partly wrong, but you would love to know more about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12. So without wasting time, let’s talk about iPhone 2021 design.

According to the new iPhone 12 concept video, the next iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models are getting larger display compared to the previous iPhones. But there will be the younger model iPhone 12 may have a smaller screen for some users. If you see the video, you will observe the combination of a smaller notch and the sharper angle just like, the older iPhone 4.

We have also heard the next iPhone model will be more fruitful for the use of AR map. So the iPhone 12 concept video also revealed the quad-camera setup at the back, as well as the additional fourth module, is the LiDAR sensor that will help the new iPhone with better AR capabilities and 3D environmental mapping.

There is also one more exciting thing about the iPhone 12 is the brand new Navy Blue colour option. Yes, that’s something new. Just like the iPhone 11, Midnight-Green has gained so much great response from users across the world. And this year’s new navy blue iPhone 12 might get the same reaction from users as well. So if you are wondering about the new colour on the next iPhone, then you will be glad to see this new iPhone 12 with Navy Blue colour.

iPhone 12 Concept Video

What will be a processor of iPhone 12 and which chip Apple use on next iPhone 2021? If you have these question on your mind, then we are glad to tell you that the next iPhone 12 mode to come with the Apple A14 chip with the most advanced performance which might have the 5G support as well. One more feature missing from the video is the 120Hz ProMotion display which is also expected in the iPhone 12, but we have not seen it on the leaked video.

We haven’t seen any price and release date of iPhone 12 in the video. But some rumours hinted that since Apple is planning to add the support of 5G on its iPhone 12 Pro, we might see the device with a higher price. And we know that COVID-19 pandemic changed the entire world even affected Apple’s production cycle, we will not see iPhone 12 before November.

Hope now you are happy to know about next iPhone 12 details. Once after reading this article if something popup on your mind, then feel free to share with us in the comment box. If you have something to share about the upcoming iPhones, please do share it with us through the comments.

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