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How To Fix iPhone 12 Call Dropping Issue?

iPhone 12 Call Dropping Issue

After the release of iPhone 12 models with cutting-edge 5G technology, many people have complained about activation issue at the beginning. And also, many users are facing a call dropping issue on iPhone 12 series. 

 After checking many complaints from the Apple Discussion thread users and Reddit users, we decided to look into the matter to give the perfect solution to call dropping problem on iPhone 12.     

As the new iPhone 12 models build with 5G technology, it has been confusing for many users that to which network is right for iPhone 12: 5G or 4G. Let’s find out how to solve this issue.

How Do I Fix Call Dropping Issue on iPhone 12? 

Note: The below workarounds are suggested by iPhone 12 users who were facing the same issue. 

Solution #1: Airplane Mode

For many users turning Airplane mode on and off worked as the fix to call dropping problem on iPhone 12. Hence, this is the first solution we are suggesting to you. Try and see if it works. 

Solution #2: 5G Settings

Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data – What is it checked? If you live in an area with minimal to no 5G service (5G is still rolling out across a lot of the world), and your phone is set to 5G, you’ll drop calls. Change it to 5G Auto, or if you don’t have 5G where you live to LTE. You can also use this method to fix the issue.

Solution #3: Call You Carrier

Mostly, iPhone 12 signal issues were reported by many Verizon and AT&T users. Many of them contacted the carrier, and it helped them to fix the problem. They will take your IMEI number and activated your device.

Solution #4: Enter ICCID Number 

There is also one way to fix the issue. You can fix it using the ICCID number. You need to visit the official page and activate the 5G SIM on your iPhone 12.

Solution #5: Wi-Fi Calling 

As the iPhone 12 has the 5G feature, you can also use the Wi-Fi calling for better calling on iPhone 12. Wi-Fi calling is working well on iPhone 12; you can use it in normal routine. 


Have you tried the above solutions? Any method worked for you? If so, please share your feedback with us through the comment section. Do you know any working method to fix the same? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section.

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