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Best iOS 15 Shortcuts Download For iPhone

iOS 15 Shortcuts Download

Apple has done a great job by allowing users to use the Shortcuts app to change app icons, add quick pages, add valuable shortcuts, and a lot. People enjoyed iOS 14’s shortcuts last year, and now there many new iOS 15 shortcuts are available to make the most out of the iPhone. 

In this article, we will share the best iOS 15 shortcuts download for your loved iPhone. These shortcuts are so popular and best to improve the utility of the device. Whether you want to download an Instagram reel or share scheduled text messages with your colleagues, we have taken the best shortcuts to download on iOS 15. 

Top 5 IOS 15 Shortcuts Must Have On iPhone

1.      Schedule Text Messages Shortcut 

Most people sometimes forget to text loved ones or colleagues. But an iOS 15’s Auto Message shortcut is there to schedule text messages. You need to get this shortcut, enter the text, and set the reminder to send a message. It also supports WhatsApp. 

2.      Download Social Media Videos

We often come to the video we wish to download while using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media apps. But these apps don’t have an official way to download the video. At the time, Pritam Download iOS 15 shortcuts will work like a charm to download any video from all social media apps for free.

3.      Water Eject 

Water Eject Shortcuts is one of the most helpful iOS 15 shortcuts to remove water from the iPhone. This shortcut is very useful in raining season. Users around the world have used this shortcut to remove water from the device as it is the simplest and best way to remove water outside the device.

4.      Quick Icon Maker

If you love to keep changing app icons and the background of your iPhone in iOS 15, now there is one best iOS 15 shortcut available to customize and design the new aesthetic app icons for free. This shortcut is called “Quick Icon Maker” which has more than 1400 icon designs, including transparent backgrounds, photo backgrounds, and more.

5.      Photos ToolKit

Are you an editing lover? Do you want a quick tool to edit your favorite pictures? If so, then Photos ToolKit is the best iOS 15 shortcuts download on iPhone to resize, convert, rotate, combine, flip, make GIF and more editing options in one place. The best thing is you can get this shortcut free on your iPhone. And you don’t need any other photo editing app anymore.

Your Favorite?

These are some of the best iOS 15 Shortcuts; there are several shortcuts available online. Have you tried any other valuable and excellent shortcuts on your iOS 15 running iPhone? If yes, don’t forget to share with other iOS users through the comment section. Stay tuned for more tips and trips about the new iOS 15 update. 

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