How To Fix “Device Unknown” iPhone Error

By Govind

Apple’s iOS system is undoubtedly the robust and safest ecosystem for iPhones. With the new iOS 15, people can use iPhones greatly. However, even Apple’s ecosystem gets into trouble sometimes. Recently, many iPhone reported “Device Unknown” errors on their iOS screen.

We looked into it since many users started complaining about the Device Unknown iPhone issue. We visited Apple forums and Reddit channels to find the perfect solution to this annoying error. In this article, we will show some workaround to fix the Device Unknown iOS issue. Without further ado, let’s fix the issue with the following methods.

Device Unknown iPhone Error: How To Fix It

Method 1: Check SIM

When users try to change or reinsert the SIM card, but the SIM card is not inserted correctly, the iPhone shows “Device Unknown” error on the screen. Therefore, the first thing you should try is to check the SIM card and put it perfectly to avoid seeing Device Unknown error on the iPhone screen.

Method 2: Try DFU Mode

Sometimes when the user resets the iPhone, it also shows a Device Unknown problem on the iPhone screen. Even after rebooting the device multiple times, if it still shows the same error, try to put the iPhone in DFU mode and then reset the device using iTunes or Finder according to the available system.

Method 3: Get IPSW Firmware

Some refurbished iPhones also started getting Unknown Device errors on the iPhone home screen. When we looked for the solution to one trusted forum, we found one working way to fix the issue. A couple of users wrote that installing the new IPSW firmware file helped them get rid of this annoying issue. Hence, users can go to the IPSW website and download the latest firmware update of the device. Once you have downloaded the correct IPSW Firmware file for your iPhone, you can use iTunes to install it without any issue.

Method 4: Contact Apple Support

One Reddit user wrote that some users might get the Device Unknown iPhone error because water damage can wipe the identification part of the motherboard because of water damage. If your iPhone has encountered any water damage, you should contact the Apple Support team to repair the device as you cannot fix it by yourself.

Wrapping Up

Did you try the above solutions to get rid of Device Unknown errors? Which method worked for you? If you know of any other solutions, you can drop a comment down.

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