iOS 15: Hey Siri Not Working On iPhone 2023


Ever since I bought the iPhone, I am so obsessed with Siri. From waking me up to alerting me to sleep early, Siri is like my best friend. I often use Siri to manage my schedule, read messages, or call someone hands-free. But after updating my iPhone to iOS 15, my Hey Siri is not working correctly. 

Sometimes it is like Siri doesn’t hear my voice. Of course, I can use my hand to control the device, but Siri was the next-gen thing. One Hey Siri stopped working on iPhone; I researched online and found that I am not alone. Many other iOS users are dealing with the same Hey Siri not working issue on iPhone. This might happens because of the new iOS version or some minor glitch. 

Updating to the new iOS version helped me fix Hey Siri not working on iPhone in iOS 15. But many other things should be considered while using Siri. Let’s check them all!

How To Fix Hey Siri Not Working On iPhone

Note: These methods are followed on iOS 15. Make sure that your iPhone is running iOS 15. 

Method #1: Check Hey Sir Enabled 

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to Siri & Search.
  3. Make sure that toggle is ON next to Hey Siri.
  4. Turn toggle ON next to Allow Siri When Locked.
  5. Also, go to the Voice Feedback section and set the Always On, Control with Ring Switch and Hands-Free Only option as per your choice.
  6. You can also active Press Side Button for Siri.

Method #2: Check IOS Update

Apple usually releases the new update to fix some bugs or add some missing features. Sometimes, Hey stop working because of the new iOS update. Hence, you need to make sure that your iPhone is updated with the latest version of iOS. To check the update, go to Settings > General > Software Update and download and install if the new update is available. 

Method #3: Turn OFF Low Power Mode

When iPhone’s battery reaches 20%, the device suggests users with the popup to turn ON Low Power Mode to save some battery of the device. Once the Low Power Mode is turned ON, it turned off some device functions to save battery backup. It also turns off the Siri function. It would help if you turned the Low Power Mode off to re-run Siri. To do that, open Settings > Battery > and turn off the toggle next to Low Power Mode

Method #4: Reset Network Settings

Sometimes, refreshing the network settings can help to fix Siri’s not working problem on iPhone. You can try to reset network settings on your iPhone by heading to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. And then, you need to enter the passcode and restart the device.

Method #5: Check Siri & Dictation Restriction 

You need to make sure Siri & Dictation option is turned ON on your iPhone. You can find this option under the Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restriction > Allow Apps and turn ON toggle next to Siri & Dictation.

Further, the new iOS 15 also added the option to use Siri Offline mode. Even if you are not connected to the internet or Wi-Fi, you can still access some Siri commands on your iPhone. 

Have you followed the above methods? Did it work for you? If you have any other solution, please share with us in the comment box. 

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