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Everything You Need to Know About Kattana and Kattana IDO on Polkastarter


What Is Kattana?

If you are finding out how to participate in Kattana IDO at Polkastarter, then you might be familiar with this platform. For newbies, Kattana is a cutting-edge trading terminal for DeFi and CeFi. It is very different and even better than other similar platforms as it promises to enhance your trading experience by filling the gap between the crypto market and you. It is the best trading terminal for beginners as well as pro users. Initially, there were restrictions on the number of users to render the excellent functioning of the platform and avoid any kind of interruption in the service by having a large number of users.

In a nutshell, this is a one-stop-solution of the trading terminal where traders can trade crypto on CEXs and DEXs with complete trading tools that were earlier available on CeFi. Among its many features, trading strategy automation, technical analysis, and portfolio management are top-notch ones.

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How to Buy Kattana Token ($KTN) on Polkastarter

On 9th April, Kattana Token will be available for sale on Polkastarter. Nevertheless, users need to do the things mentioned below to be ready to get $KTT on the day.

  • Get yourself whitelisted – A complete information is mentioned below
  • Complete part 2 and part 3 of the whitelist form to increase the odds of getting whitelist
  • Find the Polkastarter guide to know how the platform works
  • You need to have enough Ethereum (ETH) in your wallet. We recommend Metamask wallet.
  • Once the public sale is live, you can claim your $KTN tokens.

Polkastarter Whitelist for Kattana’s IDO

Now, just like other trading platforms, Kattana is going to launch its own token – $KTN. The token is going to be available for public sale in a few days. The Kattana IDO is available on Polkastarter, an amazing decentralized exchange. Here, users would be able to buy the $KTN. However, users have to whitelist themselves first hand. Here are all the essential details about Kattana IDO 

Key Information

  • Important Details of Kattana IDO
  • The deadline to participate in whitelisting is the 6th April 2021, 12:00 UTC.
  • It will occur on 9th April 2021
  • You need to apply for the whitelist from here – WHITELIST FORM URL
  • You will be notified with an email about your whitelisting statues.
  • KYC is mandatory for all whitelisted users.

What Are the Rules of the Whitelist for Kattana IDO?

FYI, the Kattana whitelist will work like a lottery. Without any partiality or preference, some random users will be chosen for the whitelisting. How to increase the chances of whitelisting on Kattana IDO?

  • You need to complete Part 1 in the form, which is compulsory, and it offers the initial ticket to the whitelist.
  • Part 2 has a quiz. It is optional but grants another entry to the lottery.
  • In part 3, you can submit any meme, blog, and something similar. This would allow up to two additional entries.

Note: These tasks will increase your chances of winning in the race of whitelisting, but it doesn’t give a 100% guarantee, so keep this in mind.

Token Sale Detail

This is official information provided by the Kattana team:

  • Whitelist Closing Date: Tuesday 6th April 2021, 12:00 UTC
  • IDO Date: Friday 9th April 2021
  • Public Sale Token Allocation: 200.000 USD
  • Public Sale Token Price: 1$
  • Max Allocation: 400 USD
  • Total Raised: 1.3M USD
  • Initial Marketcap: 612.500 US


Is the Hype for Kattana Real?

Kattana is a revolutionary trading terminal that offers many functions that users don’t witness on the other platforms. This is the future of a decentralized financing system. Thus, we can say that hype for Kattana is real.

increase the value of its token. Plus, the team behind Kattana is super solid.

Where Can I Claim Kattana Token?

$KTN will be available for public sale on 9th April at Polkastarter. You need to be whitelisted to claim your token.

Will My Investment in Kattana Token Be 100x in the future?

We cannot predict it right now. But as we said, Kattana has a hardworking team that works to make this platform better for the traders. Users will get a decent profit for sure.

Why Should I Apply for Kattana IDO?

As we said, Kattana has the potential to dominate the market in the future, and this would

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