How to Install and Use the GasBuddy iOS App

Vineet Maheshwari

With gas prices soaring to record highs, finding ways to save at the pump is more important than ever. Luckily, the GasBuddy iOS app makes it easy to locate the cheapest gas prices in your area and provides additional money-saving features. Let me show you how to install and use the GasBuddy app on your iPhone to start saving on fuel costs today.

Install the GasBuddy App

To get started, open the App Store on your iPhone and search for “GasBuddy“. Look for the app with the official GasBuddy logo and tap the “Get” button to begin the installation. You may need to enter your Apple ID password to authorize the download.

Once installed, open the GasBuddy app. You’ll be prompted to allow the app to access your location while using it. Enabling location services allows GasBuddy to automatically find gas stations and prices near you. Tap “Allow While Using App” to proceed.

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Find the Cheapest Gas Prices

The main screen of the GasBuddy app displays a list of nearby gas stations sorted by price. Regular gas prices are shown in black text. If a discounted price is available by using the Pay with GasBuddy card, it will be displayed in red with a line through the regular price.

You can search for prices in a different location by tapping the search bar at the top and entering a city, zip code, or address. Additional search filters are available to narrow results by fuel type (regular, midgrade, premium, or diesel), payment method (cash or credit), and station brand or amenities.

Tapping on a gas station from the list view brings up more details, including its full address, a map view, hours of operation, and user ratings and reviews. From here you can also report gas prices to help keep the data up-to-date for other users.

Earn Rewards with Pay with GasBuddy

In addition to finding the lowest prices, GasBuddy offers a free rewards card called Pay with GasBuddy that provides additional savings. After signing up, you’ll receive a card in the mail that links to your checking account. When you use the card to pay at the pump, GasBuddy processes the transaction and gives you a discount on your purchase, typically ranging from 5 to 25 cents per gallon.

To use Pay with GasBuddy, tap the profile icon and select “Pay with GasBuddy”. Follow the prompts to sign up for an account and link your checking account securely. Once you receive your card, select the Pay with GasBuddy toggle at the top of the gas price list to only see stations and prices where the discount applies.

Track Driving Habits and Gas Spending

GasBuddy includes features to help you monitor your driving habits and fuel spending. The Drives section allows you to track your fill-ups and miles driven. This data can be exported for expense tracking or tax purposes.

You can also enable the Drive feature to get personalized tips for improving your fuel efficiency based on your driving behaviors. Note that this shares your location and driving data with GasBuddy’s partner Arity, so review the terms and privacy policy before enabling it.

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Daily Drawing

For every gas price you report, GasBuddy rewards you with points that can be used to enter the daily drawing for a $100 gas gift card. The Challenges section of the app lists other ways to earn bonus points, such as completing short surveys or reporting prices at a certain number of stations in a given timeframe.

To enter the drawing, tap the Win Gas button and select how many points you want to use for entries. Each entry costs 1,000 points. Remember, you can earn additional points every day by reporting prices at your local stations.

Vehicle Recall Alerts

Lastly, GasBuddy can alert you to important safety recalls for your vehicle. Go to the Me tab, select Vehicles, and enter your car’s make, model, and year. GasBuddy will monitor for any new recalls and notify you if one is issued for your vehicle.

With its user-friendly design and money-saving features, GasBuddy is a must-have app for any budget-conscious driver. By spending a few minutes a day reporting prices and using the Pay with GasBuddy card, you can easily offset rising gas costs. Follow this guide to install the app and start saving at the pump today!

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