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Does Netflix support Shareplay?

Does Netflix support Shareplay

Apple’s SharePlay is the most impressive feature I have ever seen on iPhone in the last few years. Since Apple introduced this FaceTime screen on its first iOS 15.1 beta in June, my girlfriends and I were keen to watch Netflix together on iPhone while chilling at home. 

On September 20, Apple rolled out stable iOS 15 updates for iPhones worldwide. But the huge disappointment was the absence of FaceTime screen share, aka SharePlay feature. As users did not get the most awaited feature, they started complaining about FaceTime Shareplay not working issue. 

After hearing a load of questions regarding the missing SharePlay feature, Apple finally added this charming feature to iOS 15.1 after a month. But for me, the biggest question was does Netflix supports SharePlay. Because I wanted to spend my birthday with her watching Netflix via SharePlay on iPhones while chit-chatting. 

Does Netflix support Shareplay?

Netflix does not support SharePlay since the company is working to make it available for iPhone to share screen via FaceTime. So you cannot share Netflix screens with other iPhone screens with SharePlay. 

However, we have also prepared a guide to watch Netflix together on iPhone with SharePlay. You can use this method until Netflix officially adds support for the SharePlay feature on iPhone.

When will we see SharePlay support on Netflix?

There is still no news about Netflix adding support for SharePlay. But the rumors indicate that we may see SharePlay support on Netflix in the starting months of 2020.

There are currently limited apps that support SharePlay, while many apps makers are working to make the app compatible with the SharePlay feature. 


Have you started using SharePlay? How was your first experience? Which other app do you wish to add SharePlay support? After using the SharePlay feature on your iPhone, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment box. 

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