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Boom App for iOS: This App Enriches Your Music Experience on the iPhone 

Boom App for iOS

It’s not often that an app comes along and is so loved by its users that it earns the trust of users for a long time. But that’s exactly what happened with Boom, the bass booster and EQ app that was launched on the App Store almost a decade ago. 

So, how did Global Delight’s Boom app manage to achieve this feat? 

Boom is the first ever app to bring surround sound to headphones. It uses revolutionary audio technology that gives users a truly immersive experience when listening to music. 

The app also comes with an advanced equalizer that lets users customize the sound of their music according to their liking. There are over 29 handcrafted EQ presets available, each of which can be further customized.

But perhaps the most impressive feature of Boom is its ability to boost the volume of your music without causing any distortion. This is thanks to its patented technology, which automatically adjusts the volume level of your music and renders amazing audio on any headphone. 

All these features combine to make Boom the most loved bass booster and EQ app on iOS. It is also available for Android, so, you can Boom for iOS & Android both. If you’re looking for an app that can take your music listening experience to the next level, look no further than Boom.

What Exactly is Boom?

Boom is an app that allows you to boost the bass and overall volume on your iOS device, as well as customize the equalizer to get the perfect sound for your ears. It’s been incredibly popular. 
For starters, Boom is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is install Boom from the App Store on your iPhone, choose the headphones you use, and hit the music you like. Sadly, you cannot play Apple Music songs in Boom mode. You have to rely on songs saved on Dropbox, Google Drive, or the songs you bought from iTunes. 

Another reason why Boom is so loved is that it’s constantly being updated with new features and improvements.

In a nutshell, Boom is loved because it’s just plain fun to use! The interface is colorful and exciting, and it really makes adjusting the volume on your iOS device a lot more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for an app that will make managing the sound on your iPhone or iPad more fun, then Boom is definitely worth checking out.

How Does Boom Work?

Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizerallows you to boost the bass on your iOS device as well as adjust the EQ to get the perfect sound. The app also comes with a number of presets that you can use to get the best sound for different types of music.

To use Boom, simply launch the app and then turn up the volume on your device. You can also adjust the EQ settings to get the perfect sound for your ears. The app also comes with a number of different presets that you can use to get the best sound for different types of music.

What Are the Benefits of Boom?

Boom is an award-winning volume and bass booster and equalizer app that gives users incredible control over their iOS device’s audio. With Boom, users can boost the volume of their device to unprecedented levels, without distortion or clipping. Additionally, Boom’s equalizer lets users customize the sound of their device to perfectly suit their taste on any headphone they use.

The Boom app has been incredibly popular among iOS users and has been praised for its simple and intuitive interface, as well as its extensive range of features. In addition to its powerful bass boosting and equalization capabilities.

3D Surround Sound

One of the most amazing features of this app is that it makes normal sounds into 3D surround sounds. You will feel like you are using a high-end headphone. Global Delight’s patented audio technology offers an immersive experience that can be controlled with your fingertips. Use the equalizer settings and presets to control the bass.

Handcrafted EQ and Presets

As stated, it has 29 handcrafted presets that can be used on your iPhone while listening to your favorite music. So, no matter whether you are listening to EDM, Hip Hop, Vocals, Electrotonic, or any other genre, you will have the best experience.

Volume Booster

There is no fun in playing your favorite hip-hop song on a controlled volume setting. The Boom app allows you to boost the volume of your song without distortion or harming the quality.

Radio and Podcasts

Well, the iPhone doesn’t come with a radio app, so, Boom has got your covered. With Boom, you will be able to play over 60,000 channels worldwide. Along with radio, there are more than 30,000 podcasts to listen to.

Pricing of Boom

When it comes to subscription prices, Boom doesn’t make a big hole in your pockets.

Its 6-month subscription plan costs around $3.99, while its 1-year subscription plan will cost you $6.99.

It will be cost-effective if you go for its Lifetime Pack, which costs only $7.99.

When you purchase a premium subscription to the Boom app, you will gain access to many of the features listed above.


Boom is an all-in-one volume booster and equalizer app that gives your device the power to rock! With Boom, you can easily boost the bass, control audio playback, and customize the way your audio sounds—all with a few taps.

Boom was designed with the iPhone and iPad in mind, and it works great with both devices. However, if you wish to try Boom on desktop, you can sign up for Boom 3D free trial.

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