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Best Photography Apps for iPhone 12 series

photography apps for iPhone 12

Apple just announced its iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro lineup, consisting of four different phones with three different sets of cameras among them. If you are into photography you might be wondering which app is best for your new iPhone. With thousands of photo apps available on the App Store, it can be difficult to understand which of them to use, especially if you’re new to iPhone 12 photography. And if you truly want to make sure that your photos stand out amongst a sea of images you will need professional recommended photography apps as dedicated to the best photos possible as you are. In this article, you will discover some of the best iPhone 12 photography apps recommended by iPhone users that are perfect for the iPhone 12’s camera.

All of the apps below are well regarded within the mobile photography community. They all perform their specific tasks well and are relatively user friendly. I would recommend you try all of the apps below and then pick your favorites. You will likely find that your favorite apps evolve over time, alongside your photography.

Top 5 iPhone 12 Photography Apps

1: Snapseed

If you ask 10 iPhone photographers what their top 5 “go to” apps for editing photos are, I would wager that at least nine of them include Snapseed in their list.

The app offers a vast range of editing tools for adjusting color and exposure alongside some special effect filters including grunge and vintage effects.

It also includes a unique Selective Adjustment tool, which allows you to change the brightness, contrast and color saturation of only select portions of an image.Snapseed turns every one of your photos into a canvas


VSCO is one of the most popular photo app among iPhone users. The app aims to help you turn photos and videos into film quality presentations, VSCO is all about presentation. Yet it offers many filters and editing options without burdening you in options. Indeed, its clean interface is one among other reasons why it’s so beloved.

This is quite simply one among those photography apps that every iPhone owner must download and use regularly.

3: TouchRetouch

Removing more complicated elements may take a few tries to get it perfect  but TouchRetouch makes it easy to start over if you are not happy with the results the first time. You can also duplicate objects by cloning them to a different area of the image.

4: Mextures

Mextures is a fantastic and easy to use app for applying textures, light leaks and more effects to your photos. It also includes a solid collection of basic photo editing tools, but it’s better known for its ability to layer textures and other effects.Fans of outdoor shots will especially want to learn about this app.

5: Camera+

Camera+ features a huge range of tools for editing and enhancing images. There are automatic preset adjustments as well as a good range of manual slider adjustments for exposure, color, brightness and sharpness as well options for rotating, straightening and applying a vignette. Another great feature of Camera+ is the extensive and varied set of filters that it offers for editing.

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