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Best Aesthetic Anime App Icons For iOS 14 Home Screen iPhone

Anime App Icons For iOS 14

Are you a huge Anime fan? Want to set your favourite character as an app icon on iPhone? If so, then you are lucky to land here as we have the collection of some best anime character app icon for iOS 14’s home screen. 

Since Apple’s new operating system released, many iOS geeks are spending a lot time on iPhone home screen customisation as the new iOS 14 update is allowing users to create new app icons and customise home screen with widgets and lot more. 

We already gave the best neon app icons for iOS 14 options in our previous article and today we are back with more anime icons for iOS 14 apps to give your iPhone’s home screen an aesthetic anime look. Let’s set the Goku or Sasuke character as an app icon on iPhone’s home screen. 

Download Anime iOS 14 App Icons For iPhone Home Screen

Gouthor Anime Instagram app icon
Nagisa Facebook Icon
Haikyuu Facebook Icon
Mary Anime Snapchat App Icon
Youtube Anime App Icon
Todoroki YouTube Icon
Netflix Anime App Icon
Asuna Netflix Icon
Gon Anime Spotify App Icon
Deku Anime Spotify App Icon
Rin Twitter App Icon
Sebastion Settings Anime App Icon
Tsuyu FaceTime Icon
WhatsApp Anime App Icons
Asuna App Store Icon
Safari Anime App Icons
imessage app icon anime
Gmail Anime App Icons
Naruto Calculator Icon
Tomioka Mail Icon
Discord anime app icons

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