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Battery Percentage On iPhone 13: How To Show & Check

Battery Percentage On iPhone 13

I cannot keep my handoff from my newer iPhone 13 Pro. From the new Cinematic Mode to the new Live Text features, I am trying every new cutting-edge feature of my beloved iPhone 13. While using the device the whole day, I miss the battery percentage on iPhone 13 display. 

Later on, I realized that Apple doesn’t show battery percentage on iPhone 13 lock screen or home screen. If you have recently bought the new iPhone 13 model and are confused about checking or showing the battery percentage on the iPhone 13 screen, we will help you do it too easily.

How To Check Battery Percentage on iPhone 13 Series 

There are multiple ways to check iPhone 13 battery life. Let’s check out each way. 

1.      From Control Center 

One of the fastest and common ways to check battery percentage on iPhone 13 is the Control Center. Users can swipe down from the top right corner of the iPhone 13 screen to open the control center and view the battery percentage on iPhone 13. The percentage will show up next to the battery icon.

2.      Battery Widget

As iPhone 13 supports widgets on iOS 15, users can also add a Battery widget to the iPhone 13 home screen to view the percentage without quickly tapping anywhere else. To add a battery widget, start the jiggle mode by pressing on the black screen, tap on the Plus icon, select the Battery Widget, swipe to through the different widget sizes, and tap Add Widget. Once the battery widget is added to the home screen, you can easily check the battery percentage on your iPhone 13 model.

3.      Plug In-Out

Your iPhone 13 can also show the battery percentage when you plug in and out the charging cable from the device. You can also go with this method on your iPhone 13 to see the remaining battery life.

4.      Ask Siri

Apple’s Siri will also help users to show the battery life of the device. Users can command Siri to show battery percentage like ‘Hey Siri, how much battery do I have left. It is a hands-free way to know the battery life of the iPhone. 

5.      Add Battery Level Shortcuts

iOS 15 also has a Battery Level shortcut in the Shortcuts app. You can create a new Battery Level shortcut on your iPhone 13 and add it to launch with a back tap. So go to the Shortcuts app > Plus > Enter Battery Level and tap on Action > Now type Notification and click Show Notification > Press Hello World, Delete it, and click Battery Level below. Now give a name to the shortcut. Now go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap > Select Double or Triple Tap > Select the Shortcut. Once you have selected the Battery Level Shortcuts, you can use Back Tap to quickly check battery percentage on iPhone 13.

6. IOS 16 Battery Percentage

The latest iOS 16 beta 5 update landed the most requested Battery Percentage feature for iPhone users. The new Battery Percentage option added into the Battery section. Once it turned on, the remaining battery percentage will be shown at the top right status bar of iPhone lock and home screen. You can try this feature right now if you have installed iOS 16 beta 5 on your iPhone. We may see this feature on the final release of iOS 16 in September 2022.

Final Words

These are five ways to find the remaining amount of battery on the iPhone 13 series. Last year’s iPhone 12 series also follows the same process. Many people are asking for the way to show battery percentage on iPhone 13 permanently. Sadly, there is no option yet added to the iOS. Let me know your iPhone 13 reviews in the comment box. 

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