Apple’s new campaign to protect iPhone users’ data

By Gustavo

On WWDC Event in June, Apple CEO Tim Cook had said while launching iOS 13 that privacy is the fundamental right of the users and Apple ensure you to protect your data and it must not be compromised. Indeed, Apple never compromised with its user’s privacy. You might be familiar with the news about a few years ago when FBI wanted to unlock iPhone 5C of San Bernardino killer Syed Rizwan Farook and Apple clearly declined to unlock the iPhone saying user’s privacy is fundamental and it can never be compromised.

And this thing about the Apple stands out it from the market where other companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and several others are facing the suits for jeopardizing users’ privacy and they would be levied a huge penalty for the same.

Seeing all these, Apple has announced a new privacy campaign an out of home (OOH) on July 28th, 2019 in India. It is Apple’s new proactive approach to maintain strong security of users’ data on its devices and apps. The campaign will travel through Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Mumbai, and via TV ads, YouTube and social media platforms. Apple wants to reach out to the people in the nation and wants to aware them about how data privacy must be the core of their devices.

Apple has never faced any controversies regarding compromise with users’ data privacy. Apple ensures that every user’s data is limit to him and the company is trying to collect as little as possible. Apple has ensured its users since the beginning that Apple put its users’ privacy at its fundamental. And with this campaign in India Apple is spreading awareness among the people about the data privacy in their devices.

Apple announced some privacy with the launch of iOS 13 including “Sign In With Apple”. As Facebook and Google are believed to be a threat to users’ privacy, now Apple will allow its users to sign in to third-party apps and websites with their Apple ID and ensures the maximum privacy protection. The data will be protected with two-factor authentications when signing in with Apple.

Apple says that data collection by them is limited to users’ email address, and users can also choose whether they want to receive email or they want to keep their address private. Users can also keep their email address private when they want to receive emails as well. The iPhone maker says users will be known if data is supposed to leave the device to be processed or stored in the cloud and users will have total control on it. Apple doesn’t track a user’s activity in any app or website. It is being reported that Apple is working on new security features to protect users’ photos and videos from hacking third-party apps from reading.

The campaign in India about the privacy has been begun from yesterday across out of home (OOH) platforms through TV, YouTube, and other social media. The main cities like Bangaluru, Mumbai, and Gurugram will be covered. A short film about the importance of privacy of data will also be featured in the campaign.

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By Gustavo
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