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Apple’s New AirPods Studio: Over-Ear Headphones Complete Details

AirPods Studio

Apple is launching high-quality and professional over-ear headphones which will be named AirPods Studio, as per rumors. Jon Prosser is well known for leaking accurate information about Apple products as he recently gave many accurate information about many products which became 100% true. This time Jon prosser has tweeted regarding AirPods Studio. According to his tweet, Apple will be launching over-ear headphones by the end of this year at a price of $349. Apple is developing the product with the code name B515. Let us talk more about the all new headphones.

According to rumors, Apple will be sticking with the brand name. Currently, Apple earphones are called AirPods. It is expected that Apple will be launching Apple AirPods Studio in 2021 which is going to be an over-ear headphones. Right now, Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro are there in the market which are in-ear, wireless headphones.

Price of AirPods Studio

Previously it was leaked by one of the other techie that Apple AirPods Studio will cost you $399. But now Jon Prosser is saying that AirPods Studio will be of $349 and we know how perfect Jon Prosser is with his information. Jon Prosser has recently leaked the information like the launch date of iPhone SE 2021, April 15 2021 and most recently, the launch date of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, May 4 2021.


As we are expecting the price of Apple AirPods Studio 2021 to be $ 349 and at this one should get the AirPods Studio noise-canceling feature, and guess what? Jon Prosser confirms that Apple AirPods Studio will be noise-canceling headphones. If Apple’s audio experts or engineers could bring the same sound flavor to bear for active noise-cancelation that we get on the Apple AirPods Pro, then AirPods Studio users will be in for a treat.


AirPods Studio will include many cool features like magnetically attached ear cups and headbands of the headphones so that you can swap according to your use. And if is being predicted that the AirPods Studio will be launched in two colors, one is black and another one is white.

Launch Date

According to leaks, the Apple AirPods Studio should be launched later this year but we don’t know any exact release date till now. The price and some other features are being predicted but we are still waiting for the release date to be announced or to be predicted. It is expected that Apple will be discussing this product in Apple’s WorldWide Developer Developer Conference WWDC 2021 which is scheduled for 22nd June.

Bottom Line

We are seeing a lot of rumors about Apple AirPods Studio 2021, but you all know that all these are rumors. So, saying exactly what exactly you will get in the new product is difficult and we need to wait for the official launch for that. Stay tuned with us for all the details of AirPods Studio, we will be sharing more details as soon as we get it.

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