Spotify Wrapped 2023 Story Not Showing Up: How To Get On iPhone


While millions of users are going crazy for the new Spotify Wrapped 2023 edition and sharing their favorite Spotify songs and artist list on social media app, some users are annoyed as Spotify wrapped 2023 story not showing up problem on iPhone and Android. 

The Spotify Wrapped 2023 update will show the complete statistics of time you spent, repeated songs, top streaming songs, and the list of top artists of 2023 . This Spotify Wrapped 2023 data can be shared on Instagram and social media apps. Undoubtedly, many users are stuck as Spotify wrapped not loading, and they asked why I can’t see my Spotify wrapped 2023 on iPhone. If you are also having the same problem, let me help to fix this annoying issue. 

How To Fix Spotify Wrapped 2023 Story Not Showing Up on iPhone

How To Access Spotify Wrapped 2023

  1. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the new “Your Spotify Wrapped 2023” banner on the main home screen page.
  3. Once you tap the banner, you will see multiple Spotify stories with all detail.
  4. You can tap on the Share button to share the Spotify stories with other apps.

How To Search Spotify Wrapped 2023

If you cannot find the Spotify Wrapped 2023 banner on the app’s home screen, you can also use the search. Tap on the Search section, enter Spotify Wrapped 2023 and tap on 2023 Wrapped genre. Once you tap on Spotify Wrapped 2023, Spotify will show the list of trending and tips tracklist 2023. 

Why Spotify Wrapped story not loading, or I can’t see Spotify Wrapped story?

Even when I searched for the Spotify Wrapped 2023 tab to check our best song and artist of the year, Spotify wrapped couldn’t load the page on my iPhone. Later, I realized that if I had not used or listened to multiple songs on the app. To get Spotify Wrapped 2023 story, users should have continually used the app for a month in 2023. 

 How To Show Spotify Wrapped 2023 on Home Screen on iPhone

For many users, updating the Spotify app to the latest version helped them get Spotify Wrapped 2023on the home screen with all details and Spotify stories. To do that, go to App Store, tap on Profile and check for the new Spotify app update.

Do you know any other solution to get over Spotify Wrapped 2023 now showing the issue? Would you please share the working solution in the comment box?

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