Apple Music Won’t Play For At Least 5-10 Seconds On iOS


Apple Music is a great companion to keep your mood high all day. What if your only favourite music streaming app starts lagging? We are talking about Apple Music won’t play a song for at least 5-10 seconds on iOS 15.4 once you hit the play button. That’s so frustrating. I had to wait for five to ten seconds every time I started any song.

According to one Reddit user, Apple Music won’t play the song at the start is occurring only after update the device to the latest iOS 15.4 update. Of course, iOS 15.4 has a Face ID with Mask On, New Emojis, and more pretty features for iPhone users. But it would be so annoying if you had to wait for a few seconds to listen to your favourite track in the morning. Thankfully, we have learned a couple of ways to fix Apple Music not playing song issue.

How To Fix Apple Music Won’t Play At The Start On iOS 15.4

Note: Since this error only occurred on iOS 15.4, we tried these methods n the iPhone running iOS 15.4 update.

Check Internet Connection

Sometimes, the unstable internet or Wifi network may trigger Apple Music to stop music every 10 seconds. Earlier, many users reported the same issue, but the problem was an unstable internet connection. If you are also annoyed that Apple Music won’t play songs at the start, you should ensure that your iPhone has a proper internet connection.

Force Close and Re-launch The App

If you have recently updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 15.4, you may see some minor bugs at the start. It is also normal to see any glitch once you update your iPhone to the latest version. 

After update to iOS 15.4, if you play Apple Music and it won’t play or delay playing the song, you can force close the app and reopen it again to make it work.

Check Apple Music Subscription

If your Apple Music subscription package is expired, then your Apple Music won’t play any song. Hence, it would help if you made sure that your Apple Music pack is still currently valid. If no, then you need to renew the subscription to start listening Apple Music. Go to Settings > Your Profile > Subscription > Apple Music Membership to check that.

Reset All Settings

Resetting All Settings on iPhone would be helpful to fix Apple Music’s won’t play songs issue since it reset all the current settings of the iPhone. To do that, go to Settings > Transfer & Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings > Passcode.

Check App Update

Once you have updated your iPhone to the new iOS update, you must check for every app update as we can expect new app updates to make the app fluent for the current iOS version. Hence, you also need to check for the new Apple Music app update. Open the App Store, tap on Profile, and scroll down to see the new Apple Music update.

Reboot Your iPhone

Even after trying all the above methods, if you could not be able to fix the Apple Music issue, then try rebooting your iPhone. Rebooting the device will refresh everything on iPhone and let you play songs on Apple Music without any problem.

The Conclusion

These methods worked to fix the Apple Music won’t play at the beginning for many users. I hope any of the above processes worked for you as well. If you still have any issues with the same, do not bother to share your feedback in the comment box.

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