Which Yugioh Master Duel Best Starter Deck for iPhone players 2022?

Devendra Chande

For the last couple of days, people all over the world have been playing Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel constantly on their devices since Yugioh Master Duel is free to play games by Konami. We already covered the article to download Yugioh Master Duel on iOS.

While many users are still installing this new game, some have already started playing and asking the question to know the master duel best starter deck. Since the game is available on multiple platforms without any cost, dozens of players are enjoying the game. However, they are stuck at the best starter deck to pick in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel.

Currently, there are three started decks available in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel: Power of the Dragon, Synchro of Unity, and Link Generation. But which is best and what are the powers. Let’s get into more detail.

Best Starter Deck in Yugioh Master Duel

Power of the Dragon

This deck is mainly based on Dragon-Type Monsters with high Attack Power. If you got all the Fusion Materials on the Field and summoned King Dragun, you’ll be well protected. The main decks of this power are below:

  • Luster Dragon x3
  • Divine Dragon Ragnarok x2
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon x2
  • Twin-Headed Behemoth x1
  • Dark – Hex-Sealed Fusion x2
  • Kidmodo Dragon x2
  • Lord of D. x2
  • Lancer Dragonute x2
  • Axe Dragonute x2
  • Kaiser Glider x2
  • Strong Wind dragon
  • The Fluter of Summoning Dragon x2
  • Stamping Destruction x3
  • Back to Square One x2
  • Fusion Substitute x2
  • Rush Recklessly x2
  • Silver’s Cry x2
  • Ring of Destruction x2
  • Threatening Roar x2
  • Defense Draw x2
  • King Dragun x3
  • Five-Headed Dragon x2

Synchro of Unity

It mainly focuses on Warrior-type Monsters. It is the best because of the three Mystical Space Typhoons, some Synchro monsters, and Junks. Below deck:

  • Turbo Synchron x2
  • Speed Warrior x3
  • Nitro Synchron x2
  • Shield Wing x2
  • Junk Synchron x3
  • Shine Knight x2
  • Max Warrior x3
  • Tasuke Knight
  • Turret Warrior x2
  • The Warrior Returning Alive x2
  • Synchron Blast Wave x2
  • Shard of Greed x2
  • Mystical Space Typhoon x3
  • Half Shut x3
  • Kunai with Chain x2
  • Synchro Deflector x2
  • Limiter Overload x2
  • Junk Warrior
  • Flamvell Uruquizas
  • Turbo Warrior
  • Nitro Warrior
  • Colossal Fighter

This deck uses Cyberse Monsters for their power-up potential. You can use “Decode Talker” to prevent effects that target Cards on your Field. Check the main decks:

  • Protron x2
  • Digitron x2
  • Link Generation x2
  • Texchanger x3
  • Backlinker x1
  • Launcher Commander x3
  • Bitrooper x2
  • Link Streamer x2
  • Bravedrive x3
  • Dual Assembwurm x2
  • Share the Pain x2
  • Blustering Winds x2
  • Parallel Twister x2
  • Cynet Universe x2
  • Link Bound x2
  • Spool Code x2
  • Cyberse Beacon x2
  • Cynet Cascade x2
  • Jelly Cannon x2
  • Link Spider
  • LANphorhynchus
  • Progleo
  • Decode Talker
  • Rasterliger

We explained everything about the available Yugioh Master dual starter deck. I hope now you are sure about which one to choose. If you have already chosen the best one, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment to help Yugioh Master Duel beginners.

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