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YouTube Vanced On iOS 16 & iOS 15: How To Download?

YouTube Vanced

These days, YouTube is showing a number of ads. Sometimes the two minutes long ads are annoying for many users. At the time, YouTube Vanced iOS comes to light for iPhone users. Even Google Trends is now full of searches regarding downloading YouTube Vanced for iOS 16, iOS 15, or iOS 14.

As YouTube started showing more ads in every video, iPhone users are heading to use the YouTube Vanced iOS version to stream videos without annoying ads.

When I searched for YouTube Vanced iOS, I ended up with no YouTube Vanced iOS app since the developers are still working to provide a better YouTube Vanced version for iPhone users.

Thankfully, I found YouTube++ as the best YouTube Vanced iOS alternative for iPhone geeks. Along with blocking ads, this app allows users to download videos from Camera Roll, change playback speed, disable age restriction, convert video and more valuable features.

How to Download YouTube Vanced on IOS

  1. First of all, download and install Alstore on your iPhone.
  2. Open Safari and download YouTube++ IPA file.
  3. Next, open AlStore and go to the My App tab at the bottom.
  4. Tap on + icon at the left corner of the new app.
  5. Tap on YouTube++ IPA file from the list.
  6. Alstore app will start installing YouTube++.
  7. It will automatically show in the My App section.

Sometimes a user may get stuck at the “Alstore server couldn’t found” error. At this time, the user can connect the device to the computer via a lighting cable and try installing YouTube++ again.

YouTube Vanced iOS Release Date

The team is currently working to develop the best version of YouTube Vanced for iOS users worldwide. Still, we have yet to hear any official news regarding the release date of YouTube Vanced for iPhone. We can expect it soon in future.

Final Lines

Did you try the above method? Did it work for you? Are you enjoying YouTube++ as the best YouTube Vanced alternative? Feel free to share your feedback in the comment section.

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