Will the new iPhone 12 interfere with ICD/pacemaker due to Magsafe?


With the release of the latest iPhone 12 series, Apple removed every other wired accessory and added the new Magsafe. For sure, this Magsafe on iPhone 12 is cutting edge accessory. But the question is remains “Will the new iPhone 12 interfere with ICD/pacemaker?”

At the time of announcement of Magsafe along with iPhone 12, Apple gave the official statement it will not cause more interference than the previous iPhones. But still, it was suggested that it might affect medical equipment like heart rhythm regulator.

After a couple of months of iPhone 12 releases, the recent medical research pointed out the iPhone 12 does make the heart rate regular ineffective. The recent report posted by 9to5Mac claims that Apple pointed out in a support document that the iPhone contains magnets and components that emit electromagnetic fields and radio functions, which may interfere with medical equipment such as heart rate regulators and defibrillators.

Furthermore, every iPhone 12 model is made with more magnets compares to older iPhones. Hence, it would be risky for those who use any medical equipment.

Also, the Heart Rhythm Journal’s medical report claims that when they put Medtronic heart rhythm regulator next to iPhone 12 it failed. The medical team is working on testing more for the same.

Here’s the statement of one user with a pacemaker,

 “I’m a pacemaker holder. My cardiologist told me that interferences are a very rare eventuality. From a brief review of the studies carried out in this regard, it is highlighted that interference is more likely to occur in cases where both devices are not technologically advanced. Furthermore, this electrical interaction does not always have a practical consequence that impacts cardiac activity.

It is sufficient to follow some simple precautions to avoid the risk of interference. It is good practice to keep the mobile phone at least 15 cm away from the pacemaker implant site. For example, do not keep the mobile phone in the shirt pocket if the pacemaker is implanted in the chest or in the belt if it is implanted in the abdomen. It is also better to use the headset during conversations, or the speakerphone to converse with the ear opposite the side where the pacemaker is implanted.

Obviously, there are much more dangerous interferences from other devices (i.e. microwave oven).

And, of course, not being a doctor, you must take my words only as testimony and experience, certainly not as a rule.

Best of luck


I guess you might be thinking about the solution. If yes, you will have to keep your iPhone 12 away from any medical device you are using. If you have iPhone 12 and any magnetic medical equipment, please share your experience in the comment box.

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