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WidgetSmith Stop Working Or Disappear on iOS 14 on iPhone

WidgetSmith Stop Working Or Disappear on iOS 14

Within a week of the iOS 14 release, Widgetsmith, Color Widgets, and Photo Widget app downloaded reached the sky-high since these apps let iOS users customize the iPhone’s home screen. When it comes to adding multiple photos to iOS 14 home screen, the WidgetSmith stands out with its multiple images adding features. 

Widgetsmith is among the top three apps with more than 13.7 million downloads after iOS 14. While most users enjoy this widgets app, some users got disappointed as the Widgetsmith app not working or occasionally disappears in iOS 14 on iPhone. Even a few users claim the Widget Smith app is turning grey or black screen. If you face any issue with WidgetSmith on iOS 14, then here we have a couple of solutions!

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How To Fix WidgetSmith Not Working on iOS 14

  • Check For Update 

As the WidgetSmith app third party and new for the iOS 14 update, the back-end team is working on the app to improve some of the app’s features. If you are getting any error while using WidgetSmith app in iOS 14, then go to the App Store and check for the update. If you see the new update, then tap on Update next to the app to get the updated feature.

  • Add The Widget Properly 

If you have done some customization on Widgetsmith app on your iOS 14 running iPhone and the new customization are not showing on the home screen, make sure that you have added the WidgetSmit widget properly Home Screen. To add the WidgetSmith to Home Screen, you need to follow the below steps:

Step #1: Touch and hold the app icon or empty space on the iPhone home screen.

Step #2: Tap on the Plus icon on the top-left screen.

Step #3: Search the Widgetsmith and Tap Add Widget.

Step #4: Lastly, tap Done on the upper-right screen.

  • WidgetSmith Grey Screen Fixed

Once you are done in Widgetsmith app customization, you will also see Widdgetsmith app with grey screen in all sizes of widgets when adding to the home screen. At the time, don’t worry about; just select the size you want to see on the home screen; you will see that effect on the home screen within a few seconds. If you still see the grey screen in the widgetsmith widget, you may not have properly saved the customization. Go back on the WidgetSmith app and save the edits and then try again.

  • Try Different Size

Widgetsmith offers three different sizes-small, medium, and large options on iOS devices. If you have not added any image or customization to any size and add the widget to the home screen, it will also show in the grey screen if you select that size. So pick the size you have customized to work properly.

  • Allow Permission 

Whenever you use any third-party app on an iOS device or any other Apple device, you will have to give that app-specific permission to access your device’s data. While installing the WidgetSmith app on your iPhone, you should also give permission to the app to access your date to make it work properly. To fix it, open the Widgetsmith app and open the settings from the bottom right side of the screen then give access to Location, Health, Calendar, Reminder, and Photos. 

  • Restart Your Device 

Even after trying the above five ways to fix the WidgetSmith app not working on iPhone, our last suggestion is to restart your iPhone. Once the restart your device, then it will refresh the data and apps. Now again, add it the widgetsmith to the home screen it will work without any problem. 

Final Words

There is no doubt there WidgetSmith is one of the best apps for iOS 14 home screen customization. If the app is still not working on your device, you can go with Photo Widget, which also lets users add photos to the home screen on iPhone running iOS 14. 

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