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Why Is my WhatsApp Business not working on iPhone?

WhatsApp Business not working on iPhone

With more than 2 billion WhatsApp Business users worldwide, this app is one of the best platforms to increase sales and customer relations to grow business and improve revenue. What if WhatsApp Business stopped working? What is WhatsApp business not working on iPhone? What is WhatsApp business crashing on iPhone?

Yes, we are talking about What questions, and many of the users from all over the world started getting WhatsApp Business not working issue on iPhone. Many users reported the WhatsApp business crashing after an update on the iPhone issue on Twitter. Let’s check out the Tweets.

Once people started complaining about the WhatsApp not working iPhone bug, we also tried to get into the matter and found that WhatsApp crashed on iPhone after the 22.13.74 update. When a user tries to open the WhatsApp Business, the screen gets blank and closes the app.

Can restart fix the WhatsApp business crashing iPhone issue?

Many users tried to fix the WhatsApp Business crashing after the 22.13.74 update on iPhone by restarting the iPhone. Sadly, it did not work for the users since the problem is comprehensive with the latest WhatsApp22.13.74 update.

Can re-installing the app solve the WhatsApp business not working iPhone issue?

Some users also tried to uninstall the current version of the app and install the app again. But still, it did not work for the users since there is no new app version available yet.

How can I fix WhatsApp Business not opening on iPhone issue?

As several users reported the WhatsApp not working on iPhones after the 22.13.74 update and many dropped an email to the WhatsApp business support team, we can expect the new WhatsApp business update to fix the crashing issue. To get rid of the issue, keep your eyes on the new update to resolve the issue.

Are you still getting WhatsApp crashing iOS issues? Did you try any solution? If you come across any working keys, feel free to share them with us in the comment section.

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