Why an iPad Is the Best Device for Online Gaming


We all know that PCs and gaming consoles give you the best gaming experience with a large screen TV, an excellent couch, and incredible sound. But it’s not very portable; you have most likely tried gaming from your phone just to be disappointed by the whole experience and this kind of ruined mobile gaming for you. This is where the iPad shines by filling the gap between a great gaming experience and mobility. Let’s look at some of the best features of an iPad that makes it an absolute must have item for the average gamer who wants to enjoy online games, casino entertainment, and play slot games for real money at AmazonSlots.

Compared in price to any other mobile devices dedicated to gaming, it makes a whole lot of sense, even when considering PCs and gaming consoles. iPad prices range from about £200 upwards, making it very competitive in price alone so far. For example, the Steam Deck handheld dedicated gaming console from the Valve Corporation is a lot more expensive, and you can only game on it.  With an iPad for a lower price, you get so much more than just being able to play games.

When it comes to being lightweight and portable, again, the iPad shines in terms of size vs utility. The range of processor speeds in the apple iPad range is impressive, as well as storage capacity. There will surely be an iPad to suit every gamer’s need. But if you are going to be streaming the games, you can most likely get away with the cheapest iPad on the market currently. The iPad mini is one of the lightest tablets on the market, tipping the scales at just under 300 grams. And when it comes to portability, the iPad mini is also one of the best.

Hard to beat the convenience of the iPad

iPads are known for their excellent battery life, as the shape and size of the tablet allow for a substantial battery format in terms of the amount of power it needs to run. A Typical iPad battery can produce up to 10 hours of use, giving ample time to pack in a meaningful gaming session or two. And to think, it only takes about two hours to charge and even less if you’re using fast charging.

Another attractive aspect of the iPad as a gaming device is the input methods that can’t be gained with traditional gaming consoles or even PCs. Of course, this is the touch screen, built-in accelerometer, and three-axis gyroscope, which makes playing certain games much more fun. Gamers will find these functions make them more versatile when moving around in games that involve motion.

Another advantage of getting an iPad is that it comes with the plethora of games in the app store. When thinking about mobile gaming, people’s minds go straight to the Apple App Store for a good reason. Some of the best mobile games can be found on the Apple App Store. While most will think of small popular titles such as Angry Birds and Peggle, most will not have noticed the major console titles and cross-platform games released on Apple’s iPad App Store. The iPads that stock the A15 Bionic chip can handle any game on the App Store right now, opening the door to a massive range of gaming titles.

Some amazing games are only available on the iPad App Store and cannot be played on the iPhone. One such game is Divinity, an amazing-looking game with ratings to back it up. There are also, of course, those games that just play much better on a more prominent display and are otherwise almost unplayable on a mobile phone screen. Titles such as Civilization won’t be the same without that extra screen real estate, making it a renewed pleasure to play when experiencing it on an iPad.

The Power of the iPad & Cloud Gaming

You can turn your iPad into a full-blown mobile gaming console with cloud gaming.

In 2019, Google brought mainstream cloud gaming by allowing console and PC run games to be streamed over onto any device connected to the internet. This was no doubt a complete game changer in the mobile gaming industry. Traditionally games are played on the device running them like a PC or gaming console. But Google Stadia would run the games on their data centre and stream the video output to your device, much like watching a Netflix movie. Your remote gaming input is streamed over to the machine and then streamed back to you.

As impressive as the A15 chip is inside the cheapest iPad, it still won’t have enough power to run the demanding games that can only run on PCs and consoles. By being able to stream games to the iPad, it opens the door to even more games that would have otherwise needed a console or gaming PC.The Google Stadia service is very quick and easy to set up on the iPad, and once you have signed in and connected the Bluetooth controller, you can jump into a whole new gaming experience.

Microsoft’s answer to Stadia is Xbox Cloud Gaming which lets you play triple-A game titles anywhere. One of the most attractive features of Xbox Cloud Gaming is that it gives you access to an enormous range of games with just one subscription. Like so many subscription services like Netflix and the like, you always end up with more misses than hits, but with Xbox Cloud Gaming, you get access to all Xbox Game Pass games. This means you can play Xbox-exclusive titles such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon or PlayStation exclusives such as God of War and Spider-Man.

Considering all the factors mentioned earlier, one might even think that gaming consoles and PCs might start to look a little redundant. Not only can the iPad combined with cloud services run pretty much any game, be it console-exclusive or PC-only, but the portability factor is just unmatched.  And once you have your wireless controller connected and your gaming Bluetooth headset on, you might never look back to the old days of console and PC gaming.

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