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watchOS 6 Features – Apple Calls it More Insightful, More delightful

watchOS 6

With watchOS 6, Apple is bringing many powerful features on your wrist. Activity trends, Cycle tracking, hearing health innovations, and an App Store is some of the new elements in watchOS 6. With watchOS 6, you get the insights you need to stay healthy and fit. You can install watchOS 6 right now on your Apple Watch.

“Apple Watches with watchOS 6 motivates to stay active throughout the day,” Tim Cook said while inviting Kevin Ledge to introduce watchOS 6. Here are the features of watchOS that will make your Apple Watch your personal health guide.

Highlights: Features of iPadOS

  • Watch Faces – all-new faces to suit your moods and serve your interests.
  • Enhanced Siri – Siri will help to find you tunes and search results that can be scrolled on the watch faces
  • An App Store – Discover new apps while barely lifting a finger.
  • Activity Trends – New ways to keep an eye on your health
  • Cycle Tracking – A dedicated app for women and their health
  • Hearing Health – If it’s too loud, Apple Watch can notify you with a tap on the wrist.

At the event, an Apple Engineer Hailey Allen described the hearing health feature as the protector of the ear. She said when the noise in the surrounding increases more than 90 decibels, which is harmful to your ear, then Apple watch will warn you about that. But Tim later ensures that the privacy of the users is intact and no personal data of the users have been taken by Apple while recognizing the voice in the surroundings. Apple said your data would remain encrypted and protected.

Audiobooks, voice memo, calculator, split the bill with friends feature, developers can build third-party apps for the watch, and watchOS stream audio API like podcast are also some of the main highlighted features of the watchOS 6.

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