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Volume Button Not Working on iPhone: How to Fix?

Volume Button Not Working on iPhone

So, you are stuck here with a loud volume playing through your iPhone and you don’t have any idea how to lower the volume before the people around you get pissed to the core. Thankfully enough, the volume button not working on your iPhone isn’t just a one-time problem. But it can be fixed with the below solutions.

Several people experience the issue. And, good enough, there are a few constructive ways in which you can fix the problem by troubleshooting it.

This article will walk you through a list of the top ways in which you can fix the issue of your volume button not working.

How to Fix Volume Button Not Working on iPhone

Take your iPhone out of the case

The very first and possibly one of the best ways in which you can sort out the volume button not working is by taking your iPhone out of the case. Sometimes, the placement of the grooves in the iPhone case might not fit the volume button snugly, leading to the buttons malfunctioning.

If you find that the volume buttons are working smoothly when you take the iPhone out of the case, it is a sign that the case was the problem. In that case, we’d recommend buying a new iPhone case to sort out the issue.

Restart the iPhone

Sometimes, software glitches can also cause issues with the volume buttons malfunctioning. If you notice the error persistently coming up, it is time for you to restart the iPhone and check if the device still malfunctions.

Rebooting the iPhone isn’t always the fix but we’d recommend that you try it out if none of the other methods are working out for you.

Update the iOS

Upgrading your iOS to the latest version is another fix you can try out to see if it works. Sometimes, if the iOS is out of date, chances are that it will directly affect the software’s integration, leading to bugs, which might prevent your iPhone’s volume button from working effortlessly.

In that case, check if there are any new updates available on your iPhone or not. If there are updates, we’d recommend upgrading the iOS immediately.

Clean the Volume buttons

Another factor that can help you fix the issues with the volume button is by cleaning the volume buttons. Sometimes, the excess accumulated dust in and around the volume buttons might affect the functionality. The dust and debris often make the volume buttons dysfunctional as well.

For cleaning, we’d recommend using a toothpick or a paperclip. However, when you are cleaning it, ensure that you don’t dig too deep or harshly into the volume buttons because that will end up damaging the volume buttons for good.

Check the Volume Settings

Sometimes, your iPhone’s volume settings could be an issue why you aren’t able to use them proficiently. What we’d recommend is checking whether the volume buttons are disabled in the volume settings or not. Because, if they are, you won’t be able to use the Volume button to increase or decrease the volume.

Here’s how you can check:

  1. Unlock your iPhone
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Tap on Sound and Haptics
  4. Navigate to “Change with Buttons” and ensure that it’s enabled

Doing so will enable the Volume button immediately. If required, reboot the iPhone once again.

Reset all the Settings

This can be a little too drastic but if none of the other methods are working out, your last resort is to reset all the available Settings in your iPhone. This will restore the iPhone settings to the original state, thereby making you restart using the device from scratch.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. Tap on Reset
  5. Tap on Reset All Settings

This will push you towards setting up all the important settings and features from scratch, so be aware of that particular factor.


These are some of the effective ways in which you can troubleshoot when your iPhone Volume buttons aren’t working. Just ensure that you check your Settings first before opting for any of the drastic resetting measures. Ideally, the rebooting process should fix the issue. Also, if possible, keep the reset functions for the last.

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