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How To Download Tor Browser Project On IOS

Tor Browser On IOS

In this giant tech world, many apps and websites are misleading users and stealing users’ personal data. Due to this, many apps and websites have been restricted and banned in certain countries. Although Apple’s Safari browser is safe, many people still prefer to use the Tor browser on iOS.

Many people are not aware of what TOR is. If you don’t know, let me tell you that Tor uses encryption on an iPhone’s IP address with the help of different servers worldwide. Hence, hackers will not be able to track the user’s IP or any other detail.

Considering this, Tor has developed a browser to provide the best platform for iPhone users to browse anything anonymously without revealing the user’s personal information. When a user searches for the Tor browser on the App Store, they cannot find the app since there is no app with a Tor name. Luckily, we will show you how to get TorProject Browser On IOS.

How To Download TorProject Browser On IOS Free

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Tap on the Search box.
  3. Enter Onion Browser.
  4. Tap on the Download button.
  5. Install the app and enjoy.

That’s how you can download and install the Tor browser called Onion on your iPhone to access the online world without worrying about personal data and safety. The best thing about this free iOS Tor browser is that it will be free.

Was this post helpful to you? Did you install Tor on your iPhone? How was your experience? Do you think this browser is better than Safari? Do you know any other best free Tor browser for iOS? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comment box.

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