Top 10 Apps to Keep Your Mac Computer Safe


So many password manager options, so how to choose the best one for your Mac?

We downloaded and installed every password manager we could find onto the MacBook. We don’t like using iCloud Keychain, as it has limited functionality and lacks many vital features that many other password managers provide — such as multi-device compatibility and instant password changes.

If you want to find a password manager that can save and autofill passwords, be easy to use, and have the highest level of security to protect your data, we got you.

After weeks of extensive testing, we found some high-quality, high-security, easy-to-use (reasonably priced) password managers to keep your Mac safe.

Top 10 Apps to Keep Your Mac Computer Safe

1. Roboform

RoboForm has the best form-filling capabilities among the password managers for Mac. With advanced options for storing your personal information, it also includes location-based identity templates.

We tested these templates on some really complex web forms while using Safari, such as a car insurance comparison website, and they automatically filled in all the information on this site — saving me a lot of time typing this information manually.

2. 1Password

The app is an intuitive password manager for Mac and an easy-to-use app as well. We’re really happy that 1Password gives you the option to create multiple password vaults, making it easier for me to separate all the data and quickly find specific logins.

What we like the most is the Families plan which includes a disposable “Sharing” vault. Your family members can save many logins and passwords, so Sharing Vault allows us all to easily access the passwords we share, such as Wi-Fi codes, Netflix passwords, and Apple TV+ logins.

3. Lastpass

LastPass has a free version that includes password sharing, real-time credit activity monitoring, and unlimited password storage. Most password managers only include advanced features in their premium versions, so LastPass would be perfect if you want a feature-packed, cost-effective password manager.

4. Keeper

Keeper’s password manager is easy to use and has some really cool features — like two-factor authentication (2FA) options. For example, you can receive 2FA codes on your smartwatch — great if you want an extra layer of security for your data.

5. RememBear

RememBear has a simple, fun, and non-technical interface, making it very easy to use — even for novice users. While it doesn’t have extensive add-on features, RememBear does everything we’d expect in a password manager in 2022.

The main thing we like about the Mac OS RememBear app is its design and simplicity. Due to its ease of use and a fun interface decorated with animated bears, you might think it’s the best you’re ever seen!

Even though iCloud Keychain has a similar set of basic features, we prefer RememBear because it’s cross-platform, more straightforward, and much more fun.

Personally, we would prefer a much more feature-rich password manager. But RememBear made the right decision by focusing on the vital purpose of a password manager and making it easy for beginners to use.

6. Dashlane

By far our favorite password manager for the Mac platform. Not only is Dashlane easy to use and has many features, such as a unified virtual private network (VPN) and dark web monitoring.

VPN is useful in this day and age when everyone can be exposed to cybersecurity risks. Without it, it’s almost impossible to keep yourself always safe on the internet. You can check the VPN encryption feature that makes PIA stand out, which is one of the top VPN services you can rely on. With encryption, your personal data will always be safe. Enjoy surfing the internet smoothly and safely with a VPN.

7. StickyPassword

Sticky Password gives users the option to sync data only over trusted networks. You can set up Sticky Password to sync passwords across all devices only over a trusted Wi-Fi connection — such as a password-protected home or work network.

This means that data can never be accidentally leaked when connected to the internet. You can utilize the cloud sync option to synchronize your data between locations.

8. NordPass

NordPass is simple in design but very focused on security. Most password managers use advanced encryption to protect data, but NordPass uses perhaps the most advanced encryption option — XChaCha20 — typically used by high-tech companies like Google to ensure maximum security.

NordPass isn’t as feature-rich as the other password managers on this list, but it’s one of the market’s best-value premium password managers. There’s a 7-day premium trial, and they also have a 30-day money-back policy — so it’s worth a try if you want a simple, secure password manager for your Mac.

9. Password Boss

Password Boss allows you to define emergency access for specific logins. For example, we can give our co-workers emergency access to Google account logins for work.

If you ever forget the master password, the app will be able to recover your Google account password, but it won’t be able to access all of the other data, such as your credit card info or social media accounts.

10. Enpass

Enpass stores and encrypts all data locally on the Mac hard drive. This is perfect for people who don’t want their sensitive information stored online.

But we also like the option of backing up data to USB storage or connecting Enpass to the preferred third-party cloud platforms, such as iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

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